BREAKING! GWAR Says Dave Grohl Made the 'Wrong Choice' Not Joining the Band

Dave Grohl revealed in his Rolling Stone cover-story interviews that when he was a much-in-demand teenage drumming prodigy in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, he came close to joining elaborately costumed metal legends GWAR as their drummer — and even starting designing a costume for himself.

Now, Mike Bishop, the band’s former bassist and current lead singer, confirms the story. “Our guitar player Dewey [a.k.a. Flattus Maximus] was booking shows in Richmond at the time,” Bishop says in an e-mail. “And we had all seen Dave play with his bands Dain Bramage and later on in Scream. He was already one of the greatest, hardest-hitting drummers I had ever seen. He still is. Dewey called and started the conversation with him about joining GWAR.”

“I was stoked,” Bishop adds, “because I played bass at the time, and I would have loved to jam with him. Just think, he could have been working his ass off playing drums in a rubber monster suit all these years. Boy, did he make the wrong choice.”

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