Davina McCall jokes cameo in Kylie Minogue’s music video ‘ruined it’

Davina McCall became a household name after her ten year stint presenting Big Brother for Channel 4 where she went from strength to strength.

She has since hosted a number of popular shows, with her most recent being The Masked Dancer, which aired just last month.

But did you know that Davina originally started with the goal of being a professional singer, leading her to appear in a Kylie Minogue music video?

Appearing in the video Word Is Out alongside Kylie, Davina wore a striped sweater and beret as a reference to her French heritage.

On Steph’s Packed Lunch, Davina was reminded of her appearance in the 1991 video just a year before she got her first presenting job.

Davina buried her head in her hands as the clip was shown, laughing as footage of her played on screen.

She said: "I look like Kylies bouncer,

"Twice the size and twice the height you know, so funny. Yeah she was a good friend of mine, so I made her put me in her video."

Davina previously expanded on how she got into the video on The One Show, saying that she made a deal with the Spinning Around singer to get in the video if Davina found her a director.

She said: "We were friends. She needed a director for her video as someone had fallen out at the last minute and I said ‘if I get you a director, can I be in it?’ As a laugh."

Despite their seemingly close past though, Davina and Kylie fell out of touch and in 2014, The Mirror reported that Davina had said she was sad they no longer speak.

She’s quoted as saying: "What’s sad is that we were really good friends when we made that video. But I haven’t seen her for years.

"I suppose life got in the way. I got a boyfriend and she spent lots of time abroad and in Australia but I don’t know her any more.

"She meant a lot to me at that time and was lovely. It’s a shame. She took a chance on me when I wasn’t famous, so I’m very grateful for that.

"Me being in that video was all thanks to her – nobody knew of me and we had a blast but I think I ruined it for her. It was her first single to flop.

"If I saw her now I’d jump on her with delight."

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