Ed Sheerans flight in chaos as drunk passenger is arrested after racist abuse

Ed Sheeran found himself caught in a frightening air-rage incident on Tuesday (October 26) where a drunk passenger hurled racist abuse at crew.

The 32-year-old Shape of You singer was on board a British Airways flight heading from London's Heathrow to Miami after playing a gig in the US on Sunday. Things turned to chaos an hour into his journey when the yob started abusing passengers and members of the crew.

The Scottish passenger was left fuming when staff refused to serve him any more booze and launched into a foul-mouthed rant that was recorded on camera.

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One clip shows the bloke raging "F*** you, you c***s" and "Take all of your annoying c*** faces out of my f***ing eye range." It's also said he made monkey noises at passengers and crew.

He was later strapped into a jump seat after being restrained by an off-duty police officers and others. When the flight returned to London's Heathrow, six armed police officers boarded the flight and arrested the man.

Ed Sheeran fan Dan Haughian told The Sun: "Everything just descended into chaos. The things this guy was saying and doing were just obscene. When they refused to give him any booze, he started making monkey noises and gestures at cabin crew.

"The language coming out of his mouth was worse than you’d hear at a footie match. He was lucky nobody knocked him out, everyone was horrified. There were loads of kids watching."

Dan, who managed to get a selfie with singer Ed at the departure gate before the flight, added: "The bloke must have been drunk when he boarded because the crew refused to serve him just an hour in, and they hadn’t been round with the trolley.

"At one point we were told we might be diverted and the pilot even came on trying to reassure everyone. A few people shouted ‘Good riddance’ when the guy was led away."

He added that people were unable to sleep on the flight as the passenger kept making outbursts during the flight. The Met Police told The Sun: "At 1.59am on October 24 officers at Heathrow received a report that a passenger on a flight arriving from Miami had made racist comments towards other passengers and crew members.

"Officers met the aircraft and a 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. He remains in custody." A British Airwaves spokesperson told The Sun: "Disruptive behaviour will never be tolerated on board our aircraft and we will always take the appropriate action."

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