James Corden helps The Weeknd as he ‘struggles’ with Super Bowl half time show

The Weeknd has called upon British actor and chat show host James Corden to help brainstorm ideas for his first Super Bowl halftime performance.

James revealed that The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye had been "struggling" to think of ideas for the show which is one of the most talked-about performances in the music and sporting industry.

In a video shared on James' chat show Twitter page for The Late Late Show, James adds that the CBS network was hosting the annual event which is celebrating its 55th year.

The 42-year-old said: "This year, CBS is hosting the Pepsi Super Bowl 55 halftime show, and I knew sooner or later the network's biggest star would have to pitch in and help out," reports The Express.

James added: "So when The Weeknd was really struggling with his big halftime show performance, guess who he called?"

However, it appears as though Abel wasn't appreciative of the advice when James rocks up to his rehearsal.

"I didn't call anyone. Dude just showed up," he said.

During Abel's final rehearsal for the performance, James finds himself wondering onto the set while covered in bandages, joking: "I'm doing the bandages… you know like your album campaign when you keep getting more and more hurt?"

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Despite James' best efforts, it appears as though The Weeknd was still unimpressed, replying to the host: "I still don't know who you are."

The ball soon started to drop though as James revealed to the Canadian singer why he was at the rehearsal, noting that the tele network had called him.

"Everybody knows The Weeknd is great but what at the other five days of the week? That's where I come in, it's a big show, and the question is, is The Weeknd able to pull it off?" he said.

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Speaking about the performance which is known for its lavish stage production, James went on to say: "It's about razzle-dazzle, it's about how much glitter you can get in a stadium,

"I want to see 'Viva la Vida'! I want to see 'Clocks!' I want to see 'The Scientist'! I want to see 'Yellow'!"

Noticing the historic reference to Coldplay's performance in 2016, Abel replied: "They're Coldplay songs…"

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  • However, The Weeknd reluctantly gives in to Corden's suggestions, saying: "At first I wasn't sure, but now I'm starting to think, maybe I do need a bit of jazz."

    Sadly for James, moments after he leaves the studio, The Weeknd tells his crew to "forget everything" and not to let James in again.

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