Jeremy Clarkson admits he p****d in trophy hunters shoes after he fell asleep

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Motormouth Jeremy Clarkson once peed in a dentist’s shoes in revenge for killing endangered species.

The former Top Gear host said he pulled the stunt after the American bragged of taking a holiday to shoot a polar bear for “fun”.

Jezza said: “There are a great many dentists in America – and they’re always dentists, for some reason – who like to shoot lions. Or elephants. Or rhinos.

“I met one once, in the frozen wilderness at the top of Canada.

“He was big in the tooth-whitening business and had taken a ‘coupla’ fun weeks off’ to blow a polar bear away.

“I hated him on a cellular level and must confess that one night, when he was asleep, I p****d in his shoes.”

Arctic-wide–polar bears have been listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act since May 2008.

Jeremy’s admission comes after American dentist Walter Palmer was spotted hunting again after his infamous 2015 killing of Cecil the lion.

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He paid up to £80,000 last year to kill a huge ram in Mongolia, despite having been globally shamed for paying a reported £35,000 bribe to gamekeepers so he could shoot big cat Cecil at a national park.

The Grand Tour host Jeremy also fumed a Special Boat Service veteran pal recently left his job protecting boats from Somali pirates as the security industry has been invaded by untrained “gun obsessed nutters” from the US.

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It comes after Jeremy said he plans to sell a weed infesting his farm as a drink to hipsters.

The star was fuming that climate change regulations ban him from burning brome or killing it with chemicals, so is plotting to sell it as a drink to health nuts.

He also attempted to flog fish in his Diddly Squat farm shop but it ended in failure, after animals ate all his trout.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host forked out on 250 of the fish for a lake at his Cotswold farm and hope to sell the produce.

He even installed electric fences to keep out otters, but in the end, he says heron and himself – and a family of otters – scoffed them.

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