Justin Bieber Shares Update On His Upcoming Album

He’s back in the studio and hard at work! Justin Bieber is sharing an update with his fans on how his forthcoming album is progressing.

The 26-year-old artist took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a series of posts and snapshots from the recording studio as he teased his new music.

The posts began with a black-and-white fisheye shot of Bieber sitting in front of a mixing board and making a facial expression that many commenters referred to as “howling.”

“How this album makes me feel,” Bieber captioned the snapshot.


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Another recording studio pic showed Bieber “going over track listing for the album.”


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Bieber also got inspirational in one caption, alongside a video of himself delivering a wicked drum solo.

“Tryna find that deeeeeep pocket… so fun using our potential and watching it blossom. So grateful for the gifts god has given me, my hope is to grow into all that God has for me in all areas of my life,” the pop star shared. “First and foremost my relationship with my incredible wife. What a blessing to have the opportunity to grow.”

“God uses our potential to unlock our purpose!” he added. “Go out there today and maximize your potential and watch fulfillment in your heart start to grow.!”


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Bieber has not yet announced a release date for his forthcoming album, which comes on the heels of his 2020 album, Changes.

Check out the video below for more on Bieber’s new music.

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