Kerry Katona ‘feared for her life’ after finding lump in armpit in cancer scare

Kerry Katona has opened up about fearing for her life after finding “a lump” under her armpit.

The 41-year-old singer “feared the worst” amid what she thought was a life-changing cancer scare, but thankfully found out there was nothing to worry about.

Earlier this year the mum-of-five discovered the mysterious lump underneath her arm during a photoshoot.

She sought immediate medical attention and rushed to her GP to undergo a thorough examination.

Luckily, the lump was discovered to be a harmless lymph node that had become inflamed.

Opening up about her cancer scare in her latest column for new! Magazine, Kerry admitted that when she found the lump her life flashed before her eyes.

“I went to the doctors about a lump in my armpit earlier this year after I noticed it while I was on a photoshoot," Kerry wrote.

"It ended up just being a lymph node, but I did really fear the worst.

“When you have a health scare, your life can be taken out of your hands in a split second.”

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It’s not the only health issue the former Atomic Kitten star has gone through in recent months.

Last month, Kerry was diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulder, which came has a huge shock to the star.

While she dreaded the thought of having to get surgery on a protruding disc in her back after doctors told her it was necessary, she was relieved to finally have a answer to what had been causing her chronic pain for years on end.

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Kerry admitted that the pain started to affect her life over 13 years ago, following the birth of her son Maxwell.

She took to Instagram to to update her followers, writing: "For those of you who know all about the pain and agony I’ve been in for years with my back and shoulders.

"I’m so excited to of actually being diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and a protruding disc in my back which can be operated on.

"I know I must sound like a weirdo but to have been in pain for all of these years without a diagnosis has been horrendous and I am over the moon.”

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