Noel Gallagher’s daughter Annais says she’s fed up of being branded a hellraiser

Noel Gallagher 's daughter model Anais has told how she is fed up at being branded a wildchild like her dad and mum Meg Mathews.

Meg and Noel were famed for their wild days back in the 90s when the pair would go out partying every weekend.

But Anais, 20, says she doesn't even drink or take drugs – but is haunted by her parent's past antics as people believe she must act like they did when they were younger .

Model Anais revealed to The Mirror: "I’ve not got apartments that I’ve tried to rent because of it.

"The landlords are thinking I’m going to have mad ones every night.

"My ex-boyfriend’s family were like 'does she drink a lot? Does she do drugs?"

Anais explained her parent's wild ways caused her so much grief that she was determined to take her life in a totally different direction .

She added she "doesn't drink" and having parents who’ve been a "bit crazy" made her go the "opposite way."

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Anais' mum Meg, 54, was known as one of Britpop's biggest party girls and was married to the former Oasis guitarist between 1997 and 2001.

Meg, a Primrose Hill Set socialite, revealed earlier this year she would regularly blow thousands a night on drugs and drink when she was married to the rocker.

Meg told The Sun: "I was maybe a bit aggressive. I was not the nicest. I was not a happy bunny. Always blackouts.

"Everybody would be in the room, drinking all the mini bar, calling loads of dealers.

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"Then, £3,000 later walking down the stairs with the mascara running down my face, a heel broken off my shoe and I'm going home – for what?"

Last year Anais revealed she spent time in hospital after five days of "agony".

The 19-year-old was seen in hospital with a drip in her arm, as mum Meg Mathews uploaded snaps from her time at Princess Grace Hospital in Marylebone.

Anais later told her 179,000 Instagram followers about her hospital dash and offered up some advice.

The model said: "About a week ago I took an antibiotic tablet and lay down.

"It got stuck in my oesophagus (I was completely unaware of this) and burned the tube causing an ulcer.

"I then for the next five days was in agony but three days ago it became so bad I couldn't eat or drink so I was admitted to hospital."

She explained: "The nurses and doctors at The Princess Grace Hospital pumped me full of fluid and medication and now I'm much better.

"I was discharged this morning and we all good."

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