Pregnant Millie Mackintosh rushed to hospital amid fears she was in early labour

Former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh was rushed to hospital after having a scare and worrying she was in early labour.

Millie, 32, shared a video with her 1.4 Instagram followers from the back of a black cab. She said:

"Morning. I'm just actually on my way to hospital and I am sure everything is fine but I've just had such bad pelvic pain flaring up for the last kind of two days."

"It has just been really bad in the last 24 hours and it's just like a really uncomfortable pressure that's kind of right low down at my pubic bone."

Millie added: "It's just been worrying me so I'm on my way to see my obstetrician. I'm sure it's fine. It's too early for the baby to be coming out.

"She's not coming but I just need to like settle my mind so I'm just gonna go and see if everything is okay."

Thankfully, Millie later updated fans from her hospital bed and revealed all was well with both her and baby.

With a heart rate monitor strapped to her belly, the confectionary heiress showed her baby bump, with the sounds of the baby's heartbeat audible in the background.

"Okay so panic over! The baby is not coming any time soon, she's absolutely fine," she said.

"Just monitoring the heart rate and her head is down which I thought it was anyway and it's pushing on my pubic bone, which is causing this pain.

"But she's not engaged, so she's not about to arrive any time soon. It's just a big relief it feels weird being back in hospital though like major déjà vu."

She captioned her post: "My advice would be to always go and see the midwives / or your obstetrician if you are worried about anything at any point in your pregnancy!"

"They really put my mind at rest, seeing an osteopath tomorrow so that should help with the pelvic pain."

Millie and husband Hugo Taylor, 35, had their first child, Sienna, in May 2020.

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