Sir Billy Connolly says his son is battling drug and alcohol addiction

Sir Billy Connolly has revealed his son Jamie, 50, is battling drug and alcohol addiction.

He said Jamie has a "problem" and he has been seeking professional help.

Billy said his son has been to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in West Virginia, US.

Jamie is Billy's eldest son from his first marriage to Iris Pressagh.

The comic, nicknamed "The Big Yin", spoke out about his frustration over the lack of compassion shown towards addicts in the final episode of Billy Connolly's American Trail on ITV on Wednesday night.

He said: "My son has a problem and he’s in AA and NA.

"He told me when he went to the detox place some kids were being let out and they were back on the stuff before they got to the railway station. It’s so powerful.

"People who don’t know about it say, ‘Why do they take it, just say no. Just stop and you’ll be better.’ Duh. It’s extraordinary."

Billy praised workers at the Southern West Virgina Fellowship Home, telling them: "You do grand work."

The majority of people who were seeking treatments at the centre were being treated for addiction to the powerful opiod painkillers.

Sir Billy, who has Parkinson's disease took at people who criticise addicts "like they are losers and they are dying all over the place".

He added: "They never talk about this, about people pulling themselves up and getting on with it."

The star who became teetotal 35 years ago, said: "I know nothing about the whole drug thing. I’ve smoked a little dope but I’ve never been deeply involved in it."

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