Snoop Dogg Gives a Lesson in First-Time Voter Registration

Snoop Dogg will be eligible to vote in the upcoming United States Presidential election for the first time in his life, and the rapper is using his platform to educate fans on voter registration.

Sitting down in his studio with a masked up production crew, Uncle Snoop filmed the entire process of his online voter registration and read every question out loud, deconstructing those that may be a little more difficult to understand. He also ends up signing on to become a poll worker (after some convincing) and, towards the end, touches on voters right for parolees.

The rapper, who turns 49 years old this October, had a criminal record in his younger years and explained that the questions about parole could be “discouraging” for voters. “This is the sh*t that I was talking about. See how they put all this sh*t at the end? Like, this would be the discouraging moment at the end of the vote for me…” he said, continuing, “But guess what? It’s not. F*ck what they’re talking about. This s*hit is real.” He then promotes California‚Äôs Proposition 17, which will allow people on parole for felony convictions to vote, before finally submitting his registration form.

Watch Snoop Dogg register as a first-time voter above, and don’t forget to register or check your registration status to vote for the upcoming election.

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