Taeyeon of K-Pop act Girls’ Generation confirmed by Disney to sing Into the Unknown for the Korean OST of Frozen 2

Frozen 2 just received a major dose of K-pop star power. Disney revealed that Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation would sing Into the Unknown for the original Korean soundtrack (OST) of Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 gets a bit of K-pop magic

On Tuesday, Disney Korea uploaded an image on Instagram with the following announcement in its caption.

“The Korean cover song artist is multi-talented vocalist Taeyeon who you trust and listen to. We’re already excited for our ears to be happy this winter! Grand reveal of Frozen 2 art poster of Taeyeon.”

This opportunity is a huge honor for Taeyeon as she will be performing the Korean version of a song that will surely be a huge hit. The English version was recorded by the same person who made Let It Go such a worldwide phenomenon — actress, famous thespian of Rent and Wicked, and the voice actress of Elsa, Idina Menzel.

A mutual relationship

Having Taeyeon perform the Korean version of Into the Unknown will benefit both the famous Hallyu star and Disney.

For Taeyeon, Disney fans who hear her amazing voice may want to hear more of what she can offer, kind of like how more people looked up Idina Menzel after she performed Let It Go.

Given that Taeyeon just recently released her second studio album Purpose featuring the song Spark, it is a perfect time.

By Taeyeon appearing on the Disney soundtrack, it taps into the massively huge K-pop fan base, especially Sones. People who may not be huge fans of Disney films may turn up to listen to “their queen” perform.

Frozen 2, the long-awaited sequel to Walt Disney Animation Studio’s blockbuster musical fantasy film Frozen, is set to release on Tuesday, November 22.

As for Taeyeon, she is currently busy with post-release promotions for her latest album Purpose. The album and each song are available for purchase online via music streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify.

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