Watch Mac Miller Talk Getting Vulnerable on Record With Rick Rubin in ‘Shangri-La’ Clip

Mac Miller and Rick Rubin discuss the difficulties of getting personal on record, but also the potential rewards that come with that vulnerability, in a poignant clip from the next episode of Shangri-La.

The segment was filmed while Miller was working on what would become his final album, Swimming, which was released just a month before he died in September 2018. In the clip, Rubin compliments Miller on his turn to more “song-y, personal” tracks, prompting Miller to reply, “It’s been an interesting journey for me to realize that the goal here is just to be as much me as possible… You make this super personal ass, stripped back song where there’s no bells and whistles, and the only thing that’s carrying this song is you — it’s just so scary!”

“That’s the best,” Rubin responds with a grin. “If you think about it, your favorite records do that — the ones you like that other people make, that’s the shit.”

Miller will appear in the third episode of Shangri-La, which will air tonight, July 26th, on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The four-part docuseries premiered earlier this month and offers a glimpse into Rubin’s world as he works and chats with an array of musicians including the Avett Brothers, Lil Yachty, SZA and Santana.

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