Where is Rapper Joey Trap From, and What is His Net Worth in 2019?

20-year-old Joey Trap, also known as Kloud God, is recognized for his Sesame Street-themed freestyles, diversity, and fast-paced lyrical style. After releasing several self-produced songs for a year on Soundcloud, he became a viral sensation with the vulgar hit, “I Got Top At Bikini Bottom.”

Trap continued to ride the success of the single by releasing several songs and mixtapes afterward including Trapped in TV and Akachi Trap. Currently, the Kloud God has almost one million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The young rapper is also a CEO as he founded a record label, Young Rich Squad, and a music group, Kloud Gang. Where is Trap from, and what is his net worth in 2019?

Where is Joey Trap from?

Born October 26, 1998, the rapper is currently 20-years-old. He’s from The Bronx, New York, and moved to San Diego, California, at 15-years-old. It’s unclear if Joey Trap is his birth name, and there’s also minimal information available about his education or family background. 

Joey Trap’s music career

He began releasing self-produced music on Soundcloud at 17-years-old, dropping his first project, Drugs, in July 2016. The rapper quickly followed the mixtape with a freestyle to the late rapper XXXTentacion’s “King of the Dead,” and a joint project with KG Smokey.

Trap then went viral in December 2016 with the success of “Sesame Street.” In 2017, he dropped the explicit “I Got Top At Bikini Bottom” featuring Smokey, and the music video has amassed over 9 million views on YouTube. The rapper also released several projects during the year including #FreeTrap, Misadventures of Trap Jack, Trap Jack 2, and 19. He continued to drop more music the following year including Trapped in TV, Akachi Trap, the EP Packin’ P’s, and the second installment of the Kloud Gang mixtape.

The rapper has since released a few more singles, and recently freestyled for DJ Funkmaster Flex at New York radio station, HOT 97. Trap currently has more than 310,000 subscribers on YouTube, almost 910,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 92,000 followers on Soundcloud.

Joey Trap’s music group and record label

The 20-year-old rapper founded Kloud Gang Entertainment which includes rappers KG Smokey, KG Prince, Shad Dollaz, and their 14-year-old in-house producer, KG Yan$.

The group has a website selling merchandise and tour tickets as well as showcases Kloud Gang’s newest music. Smokey’s single with Prince and Trap, “Squidward’s Nose” streamed very well, gaining over 9.5 million plays on YouTube. Currently, Smokey has garnered over 357,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

Colorado-based rapper Prince is the newest member of Kloud Gang and has almost 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Trap is also the founder of a record label, Young Rich Squad. So far, the rapper’s 2019 album, Akachi Trap 2, is the only release on the label. 

What is Joey Trap’s net worth?

Including money from music sales, performances, merchandise sales, Spotify, and YouTube, Joey Trap’s net worth in 2019 is an estimated $500,000.

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