1923’s villain Timothy Dalton unveiled in Yellowstone prequel trailer

1923: Paramount share trailer for new series

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The world of Yellowstone will expand even further this year, with a brand new prequel series, 1923, kicking off in just under a month. A brand new trailer has now been revealed ahead of its premiere on the Paramount Network and has given viewers a much clearer idea of what to expect from showrunner Taylor Sheridan’s latest Western drama.

Timothy Dalton’s mysterious role as Donald Whitfield has finally been exposed in the new trailer for Yellowstone origin story, 1923.

He’ll face off against Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s Jacob and Clara Dutton, the ancestors of the mainline series’ fierce ranch owner John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner).

In the new trailer, Donald introduces himself as a neighbour of the Duttons before his ulterior motives are unveiled.

“Seems we’re neighbours,” he tells Clara. “I’ve acquired the Stafford Ranch.”

Clara proceeds to give Donald a stern warning to get a leg up on their inevitable feud for Montana’s prized land.

“This is the Yellowstone,” she says. “And you have no rights here.”

Later, Clara’s husband Jacob tells Sheriff William McDowell (Robert Patrick) they’ve already started a range war against the rival land.

He’s then shown threatening Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn), who appears to be Donald’s right-hand man.

As the Duttons prepare to fight, Banner asks Donald: “How much of the land do you want?”

“I want the whole valley,” his boss replies with a greedy smile.

Much like John’s rivals in the present day, Jacob and Clara have already accrued a number of enemies who are desperate to get their hands on the Yellowstone Ranch.

This upcoming prequel series will reveal the desperate and violent lengths the Duttons have taken over the years to ensure their land remains with the family.

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Although fans know Donald won’t be successful in his plans to take the ranch for himself, there could still be some dire consequences for this new generation of Duttons once the war gets started.

An official description describes Donald as “a powerful, self-confident man who reeks of wealth and the lack of empathy it requires to attain it.

“He is intimidating and nefarious and is used to getting what he wants.”

Donald is clearly being built up as the main villain of the piece, but Jacob and Clara will equally stop at nothing to protect their new home.

In another scene, Clara warns Banner: “Men kill quick, with a bullet or a noose.

“But their fight is with me. And I kill much slower.”

Jacob’s wife is clearly a woman to be reckoned with, but Yellowstone fans are still in the dark about who will live and who will die during the Duttons’ first battle for the ranch.

Two seasons of 1923 have been planned, so there will be plenty of opportunities for shocking twists and turns as the Western epic continues.

1923 premieres Sunday, December 18 on the Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount+.

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