Bachelor Matt James' ladies rally together to SLAM Chris Harrison's 'defense of racism' amid Rachael Kirkconnell outrage

ALMOST all of Bachelor Matt James’ contestants have rallied together to SLAM Chris Harrison for his “defense of racist behavior” following Rachael Kirkconnell outrage.

Fans are calling for the longtime host of the ABC series to be fired for “unacceptable” comments made while chatting with former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. 

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Chris, 49, asked fans to show “compassion” for Rachael, 24, after resurfaced photos showed her attending an “Old South” plantation party in 2018.  

During the chat with the ex Bachelorette, Chris claimed the racism problems were “okay” in 2018 but “not in 2021” while adding he’s “not the woke police.”

Video of the discussion quickly went viral and even launched a petition that has already gotten 28,000 signatures to remove Chris as the Bachelor host.

Following the backlash, 25 women from the current season rallied together to denounce the hosts’ stance in a joint statement. 

“We are the women of Bachelor Season 25. Twenty-five women who identify as BIPOC were cast on this historic season that was meant to represent change. 

“We are deeply disappointed and want to make it clear that we denounce any defense of racism.

“Any defense of racist behavior denies the lived and continued experiences of BIPOC individuals. These experiences are not to be exploited or tokenized,” the women said.

The group then praised Rachel Lindsay – the first Black lead in franchise history – for continuing to advocate for change within the series. 

“Rachel Lindsay continues to advocate with ‘grace’ for individuals who identify as BIPOC within this franchise. 

“Just because she is speaking the loudest, doesn’t mean she is alone. We stand with her, we hear her, and we advocate for change alongside her,” the ladies concluded. 

Familiar faces such as Bri Springs, “Queen” Victoria Larson, Michelle Young, Brittany Galvin, Abigail Heringer, Sarah Trott – and even Rachael – all posted the statement to their Instagram pages. 

Anna Redman, Katie Thurston, Kit Keenan, MJ Snyder, Pieper James and over 20 others – the majority of the contestants this year – also shared the same words to their pages. 

In an interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay – the first Black lead in franchise history – the host said: “We all need to have a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion.

“Because I've seen some stuff online… again, this 'judge, jury, executioner' thing where people are just tearing this girl's life apart."

Following his comments, thousands of fans demanded Chris be FIRED as the longtime – and only – host of the franchise.

Though she is the center of the current scandal, Rachael also put the group's statement on her Instagram Stories Thursday. 

Earlier today, the Georgia native broke her silence after resurfaced pictures exposed "racist" conduct and a series of controversial social media activity.

She wrote: “While there have been rumors circulating, there have also been truths that have come to light that I need to address.

"I hear you, and I’m here to say I was wrong. At one point, I didn’t recognize how offensive and racist my actions were, but that doesn’t excuse them."

She continued in the lengthy Instagram apology: “My age or when it happened does not excuse anything.

"They are not acceptable or okay in any sense. I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.”

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