Spoilers: Simon is stunned to discover Leanne sad secret in Corrie

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in Coronation Street is consumed with grief following the death of her son. She’d hidden herself away from the people that care about her and is relying on Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) to look after her.

Soon, with Leanne desperate to contact Oliver, Simon discovers her sad secret – but will he put a stop to what Leanne has been doing?

Coming up, Leanne taps in her card details and books a consultation with TV psychic Crystal Moon, who assures her the feather she found was a symbol of Oliver’s love for her.

Leanne books another session with Crystal Moon but when Simon appears, she quickly kills the call, leaving him mildly suspicious.

Simon returns home to find Leanne fast asleep clutching Oliver’s feather and Crystal Moon on the TV.

Simon confronts Leanne with her phone records and points out she’s been wasting money on premium rate calls to a psychic who fools her into thinking she’s in contact with Oliver.

How will Leanne react?

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