Bargain Hunt star open-mouthed after finding super rare table worth six-figure sum stashed in tiny house | The Sun

A BARGAIN Hunt star was left floored after finding out the shocking value of a rare table he found stashed in a small house.

Charles Hanson randomly came across the item which was left in a house in Derby.

He then discovered that the 400-year-old table is from the Chinese Ming Dynasty and it was made around 1600.

An auction is expected for the antique, which is worth between £50,000 and £80,000.

Charles said: “It’s a really important table. Though it was made centuries ago, its simplicity reflects modern design."

“It is a work of art. It was crafted during the Ming Dynasty period which dates back to 1368-1644. Its simplicity defines modern style.

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Charles discussed the table's history and the exquisite materials used to create it, which make it so precious.

The owners inherited it from a relative who loved all things Asian and it would have originally been owned by a high-ranking member of society.

The Banzhuo table, which dates back to about 1600, is made of hunaghuali wood and measures 37 inches wide, 31 inches high and 18.5 inches deep.

Charles added: "Items like this are mentioned in 16th-century Chinese novels about life in grand houses. Its design has been seen in wall murals relating to the Jinyuan Dynasties of 1115-1368."

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“Banzhuo literally means ‘half table’ and is so-called for its size, which is half that of an 'eight immortals table'.

“The banzhuo was mainly used for serving wine and food and is also sometimes referred to as a jiezhuo, meaning extension table.”

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