BBC The One Show hosts left in hysterics as cheeky guest admits groping statue

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The One Show hosts Emma Willis and Ronan Keating were left in hysterics after guest Stephen Merchant told a rather racy tale.

Comedian and actor Stephen confessed to the rather strange story on Tuesday's programme (May 31).

Talking to the hosts about his university days, Stephen said: "I would like to apologise to the people of Coventry, but I got drunk one evening and I climbed on the statue of Lady Godiva.

"And I got up behind her on the horse and I'll be honest with you but I touched on one of her giant bronze boobs.

"This was in the 90' when those things were a lot more acceptable.

"I was not naked, she was, I was not. A policeman did pass by and told me to get by and I have not man-handled any public works of art since."

Host Ronan Keating then said: "Good".

"I'm proud of you," Emma Willis said.

Stephen continued: "I would like to apologise to Lady Godiva and the people of Coventry. I'm just glad to get it off my chest finally."

Emma then asked the hilarious TV star: "Do you think that incident your brush with the law may have inspired The Outlaws?"

"Definitely, I went 100% straight after that I've seen all kinds of statues since, after that, I even saw the Statue of David in Florence and I wanted to flick his little winky but I didn't," he joked.

The hosts then erupted in hysterics at the comic's remark.

Stephen continued: "So, I'm a clean-living guy but that certainly inspired The Outlaws it's all about justice and confession."

Ronan then added: "Well The Outlaws is back for the second series which is all about a group of offenders with minor offences."

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