Ben Wallace fumes at Ranvir Singh in angry Kabul rescue row I understand that!

Ben Wallace shuts-down Charlotte saying he won't prioritising animals over people

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace was challenged over the failure to secure the transport of British animal sanctuary owner Pen Farthing out of Kabul. Mr Farthing is desperately seeking Government help to evacuate his animals and stuff from Afghanistan. He told GMB he had chartered a private plane but said MoD was blocking the flight from happening. Mr Wallace was grilled over the lack of action in the case of Mr Farthing.

Ms Singh told the Tory Minister: “He did say Mr Wallace he was prepared and ready, he is an ex-Royal Marine Commando, he knows how to be prepared in a crisis.

“He said he is prepared to sit for three days with his team in the sweltering heat in those crowds and wait.”

She added: “He doesn’t want to turn his back on his staff and you can understand that.”

“I understand that!” snapped back Mr Wallace.


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