Betty White suffers death hoax at 97 but rep reassures fans she is 'alive and very well'

HOLLYWOOD'S Golden Girl Betty White has today suffered ANOTHER death hoax – with her publicist quick to deny the claim.

A fake news site revealed that the much-loved actress, 97, had passed away, prompting a social media backlash from her loyal fan base.

The veteran star – who is famous for playing the adorable Rose Nylund in 80s sitcom The Golden Girls – is "alive and very well" according to her rep.

They were forced to step in after posted a report reading: "Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home."

Despite the use of the word "dyes" instead of "dies" fans around the world were quick to take to Twitter to share their heartbreak at this 'news'.

But upset quickly turned to anger when they realised the report wasn't true and was in fact a cruel prank.

They were quick to take to Twitter to vent their fury.

One fan wrote: "The false alarm about the death of Betty White has really made me dizzy. Protect her. Don't hurt me like that unnecessarily."

Another said: "The annual Facebook tradition makes my mother think Betty White He died."

This one added: "I got on Twitter to verify if Betty White truly left us. It is with great pleasure that I report she has not! Don't try me like that again. *resumes watching Golden Girls*."

Betty has been the subject of numerous death hoax over the years – but her rep has reassured the world she is still going strong.

She had her 97th birthday on January 17, and with her zest for life, she will likely see 98.

Betty reportedly celebrated by playing poker with her friends, according to TMZ.

Betty is best known for playing the lovable Rose on The Golden Girls, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

The show focuses on four retired women who live together in Miami.

Betty is the only surviving Golden Girl left – as Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty have all since passed away.

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