Carol Kirkwood issued warning by Naga and Charlie as she steals airtime: ‘On thin ice!’

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Carol Kirkwood was back in the warmer climate of the BBC studio this morning after reporting live from Bushy Park in London earlier in the week. She was joined as per usual in the latter half of the week by Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt, with the trio sharing one or two cheeky quips during their time on today’s BBC Breakfast. But it was when Carol threatened to prolong one of her forecasts that she was warned by Naga: “Skating on thin ice.”

As the clock approached the 6:15am mark, Charlie cut to Carol for the first weather update of the morning.

Carol delivered the rather disheartening news to BBC Breakfast viewers that the wintery conditions are going to come thick and fast, with several chilly temperatures up and down the country.

As Carol signed off back to Charlie and Naga, she said: “I’ll have a longer forecast with you further ahead in about half an hour. Naga and Charlie.”

However, keen to know just how much more airtime Carol would be taking up, Charlie had some questions.

“Look forward to it,” said Naga, but Charlie quizzed: “How much longer is it, Carol? Is it a lot longer?”

“Yes, twice as long Charlie,” Carol said before she teased: “In fact, I may take a wee bit of your time and go for three times as long.”

The news caught Charlie and Naga by surprise as they began to jokingly scold their colleague for taking their airtime.

“Oh, steady on, steady on,” Charlie warned Carol. “(The) director’s not happy with you Carol already, it’s only 14 minutes past six.”

Carol let out a laugh before Charlie turrned to Naga and said: “Wow, can’t go round just taking on people’s time.”

Weighing in to provide some humour of her own, Naga issued a tongue in cheek warning as she told Carol: “Skating on thin ice.”

When Naga then cut to Carol later in the show, she couldn’t help but keep the joke going.

“it is quarter to seven, it’s time to talk to Carol,” Naga said. “Who’s going to give us a really, really, really long weather, aren’t you?”

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“You’re going to take all of Charlie’s time and none of mine,” she added.

Carol added to the banter, as she said: “Do you know what? 

“I might just take this weather broadcast right to the end of the programme.”

Naga brought laughter from the weather reporter as she replied: “Works for us, absolutely works for us.”

Naga continued: “The gallery’s happy, we’re happy, do it.”

Carol laughed again before delivering the longer forecast, which “didn’t take up” the pair’s time at all, she reaffirmed.

“Two minutes, 45 they tell me,” Charlie added, keeping a keen eye on how long Carol took up on the show.

BBC Breakfast continues daily at 6am on BBC One.

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