NCIS LA: Fans outraged as new episode scrapped in schedule shakeup So sad’

Caleb Castille shares sneak peek on set of NCIS LA

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After a surprising episode, NCIS LA fans were expecting to find out more about their Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride (played by Gerald McRaney). However, the CBS streamers were annoyed to realise they would have to wait another week due to a scheduling shakeup.

Taking to Twitter a number of viewers posted their outrage as episode six, failed to air on CBS.

Avery tweeted: “so sad there’s no #NCISLA tonight,” which a number of sad face emojis

Although initially outraged Andrew was able to find a silver lining: “What? no

@NCISLA tonight? at least the @dallascowboys won today.”

However, Frank fumed and joked: “No new episode of @NCISLA today because of some interview with Adele. If I wanted to see A dell I’d take a trip to @BestBuy.”

In one of the first biggest breaks of season 13, fans will have to wait until Sunday 21 to see what the show has in store for their favourite characters.

Taking its place was Adele’s special interview with Oprah Winfrey and an exclusive performance filled with A star guests, titled One Night Only.

The official CBS statement read: “CBS presents ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY, a new primetime special with extraordinary performances from the superstar including Adele’s first new material in six years, plus her chart-topping hits.

“The special will also feature an exclusive interview with Adele by Oprah Winfrey from her rose garden, in Adele’s first televised wide-ranging conversation about her new album, the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son.”

Despite the outrage from NCIS LA fans, the streaming platform we’re able to reap the rewards after approximately 10 million people tuned in.

According to CBS, One Night Only was the most-watched entertainment special since the Oscars, which took place in April.

As well as her interview with the beloved Oprah, the two-hour programme consisted of the singer belting a mix of her new and old hits.

Celebrities including Lizzo, Leonardo Di Caprio, Melissa McCarthy, Drake, Seth Rogan and Selena Gomez were in attendance.

When it came to viewership, One Night Only even beat Sunday Night Football, an NFL match between Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders which aired on NBC.

Thankfully, it was a one-time event and NCIS LA will return to screens and be back to usual scheduling.

In anticipation, CBS released a synopsis which read: “‘Sundown’ – Sam negotiates and Rountree goes undercover, when a man takes a busload of hostages and threatens to blow it up unless his daughter’s war crimes are posthumously cleared.

Fans can look forward to seeing Agent Devin Rountree (played by Caleb Castille) back in the thick of all the action.

Fans flood the actor with messages of positivity and support after he first went undercover as a rookie in season 11.

On his first day, Devin had to become a bodyguard for Brendan Spritz, who allegedly had a business of moving people around the country who could not travel legally.

At the time, he was considering working for NCIS LA and after the successful mission, he returned to work under Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) in the 19th episode.

Only six episodes in and viewers have been blown away, they will have to stay tuned to see what more could possibly happen for the team.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 continues Sunday 21 on CBS.

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