Coronation Street exit: Why is Dylan Brady leaving as Danny Tomlinson?

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Dylan made his first appearance on Coronation Street last year as a former employee of Ed Bailey (played by Trevor Michael Georges) who had found himself a job at the bistro. The character soon began a romance with James Bailey (Nathan Graham) and although they had a few breaks, they have been a proper couple over the past couple of months. However, by the end of Monday night’s double-bill of the ITV soap, the budding chef looks set to begin a new chapter in his journey. Here is everything you need to know about why Dylan is leaving as Danny.

Why is Dylan Brady leaving Coronation Street as Danny Tomlinson?

It has not been explained why Dylan is leaving the cobbles but the character Danny seems to have come to the end of his storyline requirements.

As with many soap residents, once bosses feel there is nowhere left for them to go, they are written out of the drama.

However, the door has been left open for the actor and his alter-ego to return as he is going to be in a long-distance relationship with James.

Neither the show nor the actor has issued a statement on his departure or when Danny could be popping up again in the future.

For now, it seems the character’s time on the cobbles has come to an end and it would be sometime before fans see him again.

How is Dylan Brady leaving Coronation Street as Danny Tomlinson?

In recent episodes of the weeknight serial drama, Danny was approached by one of Ronnie Bailey’s (Vinta Morgan) friends to work for him in a restaurant in London.

The youngster was over the moon to have impressed the businessman but he was anxious to take the role because it would mean leaving James.

On the sly, the budding chef rang the stranger who had offered him a life-changing opportunity and told him he was turning it down.

During Monday night’s instalments, Ronnie accidentally told his nephew his boyfriend had been offered a new job in the Capital.

This lead to some serious conversations between the couple and by the end of the double-bill, Danny gave in his resignation to Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney).

He also told his boyfriend James it was probably for the best they broke up as they would struggle to make time for each other.

This left both boys deflated as they knew this was going to mean the end of the relationship and by the end of the double-bill, they were enjoying a goodbye drink.

However, Danny turned the tables when he told his partner: “I can call Tom, I can call the whole thing off.”

“Then what? You’ll spend the rest of your days regretting it,” James replied to which Danny said: “I know you’re right but this is killing me.”

The chef wasn’t convinced his other half was feeling as upset as he was but the footballer reminded him he was playing a game face.

Let’s find a way to make this work

Danny Tomlinson

They both confessed their love for one another and Danny began to think he’d made the decision about them splitting up too quickly.

Danny told his boyfriend: “Maybe we were too quick to call it time. I think we should give this long-distance thing a proper go.”

“You were the one who said it wouldn’t work,” James replied, with his partner telling the sportsman: “Maybe I was wrong.

“Going around shooting my mouth off, what do I know?”

“I want this job but I still want you as well. Let’s find a way to make this work,” he continued but only time will tell if they can last the distance.

What was Dylan Brady’s reaction to playing Danny Tomlinson on Coronation Street?

Playing the role of Danny was one of Dylan’s first breakout roles since beginning his career in the acting industry.

Explaining the casting process, the young soap star said: “I met with casting director Gennie Radcliffe and one of the directors and I did a read through.

“A week later I was told I’d got the part. It was so exciting, to be a part of a show that’s so ingrained in my childhood. I grew up watching it.

“I filmed five episodes before Christmas and the rest in the New Year. I was terrified the first time I went to film.

“I just remember blabbering away to everyone in the green room. I remember Ben Price (Nick Tilsley) telling me I needed to calm down.”

“It was a great experience and everyone made me feel so welcome. I spent most of my time filming with the Bailey family, Dylan added.

“When I think about it going out on Friday I feel a bit sick! My family, who still live in Derby, are so proud.

“It’s exciting for them because it’s a show that they know so well. The support I’ve had has been overwhelming,” he continued in an interview with the Derby Telegraph.

“My mum is so proud because this is the sort of thing she wanted to do but the opportunities weren’t out there for her.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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