Dan Walker scolds Sharma over ‘embarrassing’ Boris Johnson mishap ‘He didn’t know?’

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BBC Breakfast viewers saw Dan Walker and Louise Minchin back on the sofas with a range of guests as they divulged the biggest headlines of the day. Later on in the programme, the pair were joined by Secretary of State Alok Sharma to speak on the latest developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. However, after Walker pushed for Mr Sharma to give his thoughts on the “embarrassing” moment from Boris Johnson, he accused the host of asking “gotcha” style questions. 

The host had asked Mr Sharma early on whether it was “damaging” the Prime Minister clearly “didn’t understand” his own lockdown rules.

However, the Secretary of State did not give his thoughts on the issue and instead, started to give his own take on why local lockdown rules needed to be followed.

But Walker pressed on with trying to get a response from the guest.

He said: “With respect, Mr Sharma, I asked you about the Prime Minister not knowing those restrictions, particularly in the northeast yesterday – does it matter he didn’t know?”

However, Sharma remarked: “Well, if I may just say to you, I think this is one of those sorts of gotcha questions you get?”

Walker interrupted, raising his voice slightly and hitting back: “With respect, Mr Sharma, he said these restrictions were clear.

“But he was asked to explain them and he couldn’t explain them yesterday… surely that’s embarrassing, isn’t it, for the Prime Minister not to be able to say what they are?”

But Mr Sharma tried to brush off the moment once more, responding: “Well, I think that was clarified immediately, I’ve set out what the overall national message is and that’s what people ought to be following…”


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