Doc Brown star Christopher Lloyd ‘blown away’ by Back to the Future the Musical

Last night, Doc Brown star Christopher Lloyd attended opening night of Back to the Future the Musical. The official production helmed by the film trilogy’s creators Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis has been 15 years in the making. As the 82-year-old actor entered London’s Adelphi Theatre to take his seat, the audience cheered and he thanked them with a wave of his hands.

And today Lloyd appeared on BBC’s The One Show to share his reaction after seeing Back to the Future the Musical.

The Doc Brown actor was joined by his original Marty McFly co-star Michael J Fox, by video call from the US.

Asked how they recreated the joyous feeling of watching the 1985 hit movie, Lloyd praised the show.

He said: “I don’t know, but they did it! It’s a wonderful show. I was blown away. It’s pretty great!”

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Fox was unable to attend Back to the Future the Musical’s opening night but saw a taping of one of the dress rehearsals to give his verdict.

The 60-year-old said in a statement: “I’m buzzing from what is a truly great show.

“It captures the entire BTTF Experience through sensational casting, effective story edits, great Techwork & Special FX.

“The actors were impeccable, with an energy and passion commensurate with us originals.”

Back To The Future Musical Opening Night

Fox added: “And the music is freaking great, from the Huey Lewis songs to the Silvestri score and all the new songs and set pieces. It really is a small miracle.  

“Congratulations to all of the amazing people involved. It looks like a hit to me!”

On The One Show, the Marty McFly star said he felt sorry for Back to the Future the Musical’s Doc Brown star Roger Bart, who tested positive for Covid the day of the opening night.

Instead, his understudy Mark Oxtoby, who usually plays Mr Strickland and other parts in the show, stood up to play Doc having only just started his own rehearsals in the part.

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Lloyd said: “I thought, if I was an actor, with the weight of that kind of role, and the afternoon before the performance somebody called me and said, ‘Hey, you’re up!’…

“And he was wonderful. He was there, full out, he gave a great performance.”

The 82-year-old joined his Doc Brown counterpart on stage during the curtain call last night, before the pair danced together as the night came to an end.

Back to the Future the Musical is playing at the Adelphi Theatre in London and tickets can be booked here.

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