Jo Whiley says shes been left struggling with illness after swimming in a river

Jo Whiley provides update on her sister’s battle with Covid

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Jo Whiley has claimed she has been left suffering from illness after swimming in river water last week. The BBC presenter opened up about what happened on Twitter as she shared an update on her health.

The BBC Radio broadcaster posted over the weekend about being “really poorly” after a swim.

She shared some pictures with her friends as she shared the news.

Jo penned: “Since these pics were taken of our chilly but gorgeous river swim, we’ve all been really poorly with bad stomachs which is alarming about the state of our beautiful rivers but also really painful.

“Any advice open water swimmers?”

A concerned fellow user Feargal Sharkey then reached out to Jo over her tweet.

The radio presenter told him it was after she’d been swimming in the River Ouse near Newton Blossomville/Olney

Feargal used to be a member of the band The Undertones and is now an environmental campaigner.

In response, he suggested this may have been due to sewage after previous releases into the river.


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This included overflow reported in 2019 and 2020 into the River Ouse.

However, Anglian Water has denied any sewage release in the water recently.

In a statement to, they said: “I’ve just been in touch with our team who monitor our CSO activity.

“None of the sewer outfalls mentioned in the thread have been active during the recent dry weather.

“CSOs are specifically designed to act as a pressure release valves to protect homes and businesses from flooding during heavy rainfall.

“There are lots of other, more significant, factors which contribute to overall river water quality aside from storm overflows.”

CSO stands for Combined Sewer Overflows, which are designed to collect rainwater runoff, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater in the same pipe.

These transport wastewater to a sewage treatment plant.

However, during heavy rainfall or snowfall, the wastewater volume can exceed the capacity.

These CSOs are therefore designed to overflow occasionally into nearby rivers, streams and other water bodies.

Although, recent warm weather means Anglian Water has not used these.

In a tweet earlier today, Jo gave an update about her health as she said she was still feeling unwell.

She wrote: “This is where my friends and I swam last week.

“We’ve all been ill since our last swim trek up the river.”

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