EastEnders Billy fate sealed – Christmas death, spiral and custody battle

EastEnders Billy Mitchell is the topic of many fan theories as his character remains grief stricken by the death of his granddaughter, Lola.

Viewers have watched Billy struggle to accept her untimely death – as he lashed out at Jay and Honey and was missing from her funeral.

But the rumour mill has been swirling among die hard viewers and the theories about what’s next for the troubled character are coming in thick and fast.

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Many fans are now convinced the character is headed on a major downward spiral following his recent troubling behaviour.

“I really don’t want to see Billy starting off from rock bottom again. We’ve seen it so many times already,” said one fan.

“Billy is in pain and is lashing out. This is only going to get worse,’ said another.

A third penned: “Billy is being really horrible here – remember it's the grief talking. Billy has been through so much sadness this past year I feel like he’s gunna spiral.”

Another theory circulating among fans is that he’s set to become embroiled in a custody battle over Lola’s daughter, Lexi.

Before Lola died, she informed Jay of her wishes that he would officially adopt Lexi. Despite this, Ben voiced hopes of becoming a full-time dad to Lexi and wants her to move in with him- but Lexi refused.

After Billy lashed out at Ben for being a bad father and Jay for treating Lola badly, fans are now convinced this will trigger a custody battle.

"I can see a custody battle alongside Ben, Billy and Jay. Bare in mind as well Billy has applied for custody of Lexi before," theorised one viewer.

Echoing this theory, another fan wrote: "I smell a custody battle between Billy, Ben and Jay."

Some fans even believe it could be Billy that is killed off during the highly anticipated Christmas special.

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: “All the ideas seem great so far but I'm wondering with some many months left if it could be Billy dead.

“With Billy's Mitchell men speech the other week could Billy go off the rails after Lola dies and start to be abusive again and somehow ends up dead,” said one fan.

“I can’t imagine they’d kill off another member of Lola’s family but you never know – Billy is very unpredictable and he’s in a very fragile state,” another replied.

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