Barack Obama Had This Relatable Reaction After Watching Daughter Malia's Work on the Edgy Show 'Swarm'

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Barack Obama is a supportive dad, but he knows that his oldest daughter, Malia, 24, is working on some challenging material as a writer on the Amazon Prime show, Swarm. The series is about a woman who takes her obsession with a pop star to a very dark level, so it might not exactly be the former’s president’s favorite TV genre. 

However, comedian Hasan Minhaj made sure to ask Barack Obama about his reaction to watching his daughter’s racy show — and his response is exactly what you might expect: diplomatic. “I watched it because A: I was a big fan of Atlanta,” he said told Minhaj about the Donald Glover-created show. “And I watched it because my daughter worked on it. So, of course, I’ve got to watch it.” But the YouTube personality wasn’t going to let the former president get away with such an easy answer, he pressed on and asked if he saw the jaw-dropping sex scene between Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris‘ characters. 

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Of course, the proud dad was unflappable with Minhaj’s line of questioning. “Look, if what you are suggesting is that there are aspects of that show that I found a little disturbing… That’s the nature of art these days, and at [this] moment, and that’s OK,” he said firmly. The comedian really just wanted to know if the former president reacted to the “very spicy” sex scene the same way as when he “took out Bin Laden.” That comment finally cracked Barack Obama, who broke character with a big laugh.

Malia has received huge praise for the work she’s done on Glover’s series, he called her “an amazingly talented person” and is currently executive producing her directorial debut on a short film. But Glover did issue her a stern warning: “The first thing we did was talk about the fact that she will only get to do this once,” he told GQ about his conversation with her, “You’re Obama’s daughter. So if you make a bad film, it will follow you around.” That’s quite a huge weight to have on her plate, but we have a feeling that dad will still be proud.

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