I hate my neighbours' 21ft hedge – it's ruining my garden and covers my home in darkness but they WON'T trim it | The Sun

A FURIOUS man who claims his neighbours' 21ft hedge is ruining his life says they are refusing to chop it down.

William Whitelaw says the hedge belonging to neighbours David and Alison Fulton between their properties in Lenzie, East Dumbartonshire, is covering his home in darkness and making his life a misery.

He claims to have been left unable to grow plants or use his patio area, while he also cannot safely trim the hedge due to its height.

Mr Whitelaw first contacted his neighbours over the hedge in 2020, but despite the couple agreeing to trim the trees, the dispute has continued after they raised privacy concerns.

It comes after East Dumbartonshire Council issued a high hedge notice earlier this year and ordered some of the trees to be reduced to 11ft, and others to 6ft.

The Fultons appealed the ruling to the Scottish Government in a bid to save the cherry laurel and holly trees.

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They want to reduce the height of some trees, but leave others which the council have earmarked for the chop.

Mrs Fulton claimed to have spoken to Whitelaw and agreed to trim the trees but he still went to the council.

In his application to the council, Mr Whitelaw said: "I have explained to the hedge owner on several occasions that due to the extreme height of the hedge it had become impossible for me to safely trim the hedge overhang on my side.

"That my garden is starved of daylight, that my enjoyment of my garden is reduced, and that the job of trimming the hedge had become dangerous and burdensome due to its height.

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"I explained that I felt this was unfair, that my amenity has been reduced and that my request to have hedge height reduced was entirely reasonable."

He added: "Our enjoyment of our garden is reduced by increasing lack of daylight to our patio area and front garden and our plants are affected by the reduction in daylight.

"It is upsetting to see our garden become darker and darker every year.

"The negative effect of this hedge on our enjoyment and amenity is severe.

"I consider my request to have the hedge height reduced to be reasonable."

In her appeal to the government, Mrs Fulton said: "To reduce the 'hedge' in a manicured fashion would be inconsistent with the general planted environment which is more natural.

"The notice considers the loss of light to the neighbours combined window and door on the applicant's Western gable and their privacy."

The report in relation to privacy does not mention the first floor window on the applicant's west gable which faces into my garden.

"In terms of attempted resolution of the issues, I did agree to reduce the 'hedge' and communicated this verbally to the applicant before he lodged the application.

"I think the changes are fairly minor and seek your agreement to these."

Issuing their high hedge notice, East Dunbartonshire Council said: "The hedge is considered to be causing a significant loss of light to both the applicant's side kitchen/dining room window and door in addition to the garden ground.

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"This effect is contributing to a reduction in amenity and in the reasonable enjoyment of the property."

A government reporter will issue a decision in due course.

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