EastEnders casts Lola Pearces mother as former Emmerdale star

EastEnders: Danielle Harold discusses her storyline

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As the EastEnders story progresses, it seems Lola’s (played by Danielle Harold) history will be explored, with the character of her mother being cast as Patsy Kensit. The former Emmerdale and Holby City star is no stranger to soaps, and it set reportedly joining the BBC staple as Lola’s estranged mum. The news comes as Lola recently received confirmation she wouldn’t survive her illness.

Lola was recently informed by her doctor that she isn’t likely to survive her diagnosis.

In tear-jerking scenes, her boyfriend Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and grandfather Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) were joined by Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) as they vowed to be there for her “every step of the way”.

They each took her hand and declared they would support her following the terrible news.

Since arriving on the Square way back in 2011, Lola hasn’t mentioned her parents often.

It seems as though her mother will be reconnecting with her daughter after learning about her illness.

According to The Sun, Patsy is set to have a short stint in the soap, with her scenes airing around Christmas time.

The actress starred as Sadie King on Emmerdale from 2004 to 2006.

She also depicted Faye Morton in medical drama Holby City from 2007 to 2019.

Lola was seen on Thursday’s moving episode trying to come to terms with the doctor’s news.

Her family and friends were with her when she received the tragic update, and each one offered their support.

“I want to keep things as normal as I can for my daughter until I die,” Lola heartbreakingly told the medic.

“I don’t want to feel scared of saying that, okay?” she told her loved ones.

The doctor confirmed Lola would die but couldn’t give her a timeframe for how long she has left.

“All our efforts now are geared towards slowing that rate and keeping you well for longer.”

“So you’re trying to buy me more time, yeah?” Lola asked.

“More time and better time, yes,” replied the doctor as Lola and her family began to tear up.

“I want all the time you can give me, please,” Lola sobbed.

Her family seem set to focus all their efforts on Lola, but the story direction hints she might be getting a surprise visit from her long-lost mum.

Lola’s main concern is for her young daughter, Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown), who currently has no idea about the severity of her mother’s condition.

Could her grandmother try to form a relationship with her as Lola prepares to say goodbye?

Express.co.uk has contacted BBC for a comment on the storyline.

EastEnders continues on Friday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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