EastEnders star Milly Zero celebrates being back in makeup chair after Covid

EastEnders star Milly Zero is very happy to be back having her makeup done by a beautician following strict Coronavirus restrictions.

Because of the pandemic, soaps implemented a variety of different rules to always keep cast and crew safe.

As well as one-way systems and filming at a two-metre distance, cast have had to do their own makeup, watched on by a professional to ensure they’ve transformed into their character correctly!

With restrictions continuing to ease, stars are able to have their makeup done by an artist – and Milly Zero is thrilled.

Over on her Instagram, Milly posted a timelapse video in the makeup chair, transforming into Dotty Cotton.

She captioned the clip: ‘First time in the makeup chair in two years because of Covid!! Missed this!’.

Milly’s character, Dotty, is currently struggling to deal with the recent news her father may be Tom Cotton (Brian Conley), not Nasty Nick.

As Dotty tries to get her life back on track, Milly recently told Metro.co.uk what is going through her character’s mind right now:

‘So she’s confused, bewildered, lonely and she is keeping it in; she isn’t talking to anyone about it.

‘That makes it even harder; she really feels Nick’s presence and she is heartbroken that he might not be her dad.

She added: ‘She shaped her whole character on it. She has the dark hair, wears the leather jacket, she worships him.

‘Especially with her being treated so badly by her mum, she wanted to be more like Nick. Although she didn’t realise quite how bad he was!’

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