Emmerdale drops huge hint David Metcalfe will be killed off with deadly new pics

Dramatic photos from Tuesday's Emmerdale hint that David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden's lives could be in danger as they are seen hanging onto a rope bridge after it collapsed in Monday night's episode.

In the photos, David can be seen hanging onto the rope bridge as Victoria tries to reach out to help him.

Having already seen Manpreet Sharma and Charles Anderson fall into the river during a team survival challenge that has gone horribly wrong, could David be the next victim of this disastrous incident?

Victoria's life is also in danger, as she starts to panic while she attempts to keep hold of the bridge and save David.

David tries to keep her calm, but is it too late for the new couple?

The dramatic scenes are airing as part of Emmerdale's super soap week, with programme bosses previously confirming that at least one fan favourite will due as part of the storylines.

Talking about the stunt, Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe, admitted that he isn't great with heights, saying, “When we had to do the bridge stuff, Isabel was just absolutely amazing.

"We were on wires so there was no way we could fall but when your 60ft above the water and you’re clinging onto a broken bridge, it’s absolutely terrifying. "

He added, "I was pretty nervous about the bridge but it all flipped with the water stuff as Izzy wasn’t too confident in the water and I love being in the water."

Matthew explained that unlike his character David, who tries to help Victoria who is scared of heights in the soap, it was actually the other way around in real life.

"It’s funny because our characters were so opposite to us," said Matthew.

"Victoria was supposed to be scared of heights and David is trying to help her but in reality, it was the other way round. I was petrified and Izzy took it all in her stride.

Matthew said, "the bridge was so high though. Even the stunt guys commented on how high it was. I was pretending that I was a lot more confident than I was. Hopefully, I passed it off. Isabel on the other hand was fine.

"She was loving it. She was letting go and hanging off the rope she was on. It was pretty nerve-wracking for me.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV

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