Emmerdale fans slam lazy Sam and beg him to grow up as Craig downfall sealed

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    Emmerdale viewers seem to have had enough of Sam Dingle during Lyida's tragic rape ordeal and have begged him to "grow up".

    The tension was rising during Friday's episode (September 15) as Lydia tried her best to put her tragic moment with Craig behind her .

    Sensing that something is now wrong with his wife, Sam begged Lydia to open up and later offered to help her with cleaning the home- something he never usually does.

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    Later on as Sam tried to plant a kiss on Lydia's cheek for his good behaviour, things became turbulent between the pair, leading Sam to storm off in a huff.

    But given the emotional turmoil that Lydia is going through, viewers began to take aim at Sam.

    Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, viewers begged Sam to "grow up".

    One social media user said: "Sam does absolutely nothing but sit on his lazy a*** and have Lydia be the main earner and run about after his useless self. How is that possible?"

    Another said: "Can he stop making this all about him? I get that she's not said anything, but surely even Sam can see she's not okay."

    A third fumed: "FGS Sam, grow up…"

    While a fourth spectator added: "Well sam, a grown man wanting praise for doing a tiny bit of housework just really isn't that much of a turn on."

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    But although some are feeling increasingly sorry for Sam for being left in the dark, many are also begging Lydia to tell him the truth about what vile Craig did to her.

    Sharing their thoughts once again, one viewer begged: "Lydia not wanting to get intimate with Sam anymore and Sam thinking she's gone off him. The trauma is starting to overwhelm her. Lydia needs to tell Sam Mandy or Kim what has happened. They would understand and would support her.

    While another penned: "Why can’t Lydia just say what happened to her instead of bottling it up it clearly shows it’s bothering and upsetting her."

    Over the last few days, fans seem to think that Craig will soon meet his comeuppance as Samson might work out what happened.

    Samson has been doing work experience at Craig's offices where Lydia also works as a cleaner.

    Given the connection, some eagled-eyed fans predict that Samson could soon have access to the office's CCTV cameras and witness what happened to Lydia.

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