Emmerdale video sees Laurel and Gabby arrange to meet up with their partner Kit

In a new Emmerdale video Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) talk about how much they want to meet each other’s new boyfriends – little realising that ‘Chris’ and ‘Kit’ are in fact the same person (Thoren Ferguson).

Over a coffee the two women are having a gossip about Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) when Gabby gets a text. ‘It’s Chris. He’s coming over tonight,’ she says and tells Laurel how well things are going. ‘You know when someone just gets you and you get them? Well that someone is so, so Chris.’

Laurel is really happy that her stepdaughter has found someone that makes her happy and says she can’t wait to meet Chris. Gabby says she wants to meet Kit too, but when Laurel suggests a double date Gabby says, ‘Yeah. Because that wouldn’t totally be awkward at all!’

It certainly would be awkward, mainly because of Chris and Kit being one and the same. He’s known as Kit in general life and when he’s doing his day job of being Marlon (Mark Charnock)’s physiotherapist, but on the dating apps he’s Chris, and that’s where he and Gabby met up.

‘We’ve both being trying to find someone,’ Gabby says happily, ‘And we’ve met them at the same time.’

What are the chances of that? And what are the chances of Kit escaping with the full use of all of his limbs once stepmother and stepdaughter work out that he’s been playing them?

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