GMB’s Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid plunged into darkness after technical fault

Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid were forced to halt the ITV breakfast show on Thursday as the studio plunged into darkness.

A technical error meant the lights went out when Ben and Susanna were live on air.

GMB viewers watched as the presenters were meant to discuss the day's latest headlines.

However, just as Andi Peters' competition segment came to an end, the hosts were seen under a dim light as the central spotlight over the top of them had gone out.

The incident led Ben and Susanna to joke around with one another as bosses frantically tried to get the show back to normal.

Andi explained: "I'm talking so much today because back in the studio because apparently back in the studio they haven't got any light.

"I've got a flashlight on my iPhone if you want to use it Ben and Susanna."

As the camera panned back to the studio, Ben said: "Yeah we were trying that but it seemingly isn't enough.

"Andi, we're not sure what's happening. It's extraordinary because if you look around the studio, we have all these lights and not one of them is on.

Susanna pointed out: "The house lights are on. Like you're in a canteen.

"So we have that unflattering light."

Some lights started to flicker up the pair and Ben joked: 'That's not enough light for us. Not at our age.

"Did someone forget to pay the bill?"

Just as he finished making the cheeky remark, the lights turned back on in the studio.

Susanna said: "I'd just like to thank Matt for keeping us out of vision when there was no light."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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