Good Trouble: A High Thanksgiving Reveals Callie and Jamie's [Spoiler]

Good Trouble‘s Thanksgiving-themed episode on Thursday was full of family — there were 27 place settings at the Coterie table!! — gummies and one diamond ring.

As everyone gathers for the celebration, Mariana worries that something is wrong with Callie and Jamie, who have both come to LA for the holiday. But the tension she witnesses is the couple having a conversation about when to announce their… engagement! Yep, Callie said yes! However, while Jamie thinks the Thanksgiving meal, with her moms Stef and Lena and her brother Jude in attendance, is the perfect time to reveal the big news, Callie doesn’t want to make the holiday about them.

When Mariana confronts Callie, she shares her engagement with her sister, but still doesn’t want to tell everyone. That’s a red flag for Mariana, who suggests that maybe Callie isn’t ready for it to be real. But also, Mariana wants to see the bling. When Callie goes to fetch the ring from her suitcase, it’s missing. Mariana calls in the moms for reinforcements and emotional support, and Stef breaks down Callie’s shell to reveal the fear at the heart of her hesitation.

If it’s real, something bad can happen and it can be ripped away, Callie tearfully says. Stef gets it: Callie can’t trust anything good can last because of her difficult childhood. Still, she urges Callie to trust in Jamie. (Lena is high on a gummy provided by Jude and comedically exclaims, “Choose trust and love, not fear!”)

So Callie talks to Jamie, who thinks her hesitation means things are moving too fast. Her reassures her that they can take the engagement off the table and go slow. He just doesn’t want to lose her again. Callie insists it’s not that. Then as she’s about to confess about the MIA ring, she spots it glued to a Barbie doll’s head, courtesy of her little foster sis. With happy tears in her eyes, Callie is adamant that she wants to marry him and tell everyone. But first, she needs Mariana.

At the dinner table, everyone shares what they’re grateful for. When it’s Callie’s turn, she pointedly calls Jamie her fiancé and thanks him “for teaching me to trust in love.” Then she breaks out the doll with its diamond ring crown as everyone laughs and cheers the long-awaited engagement. (To echo Alice, it is indeed about time!)

So does this mean we’re in for a Coterie wedding episode? Given that Callie and Jamie first met on The Fosters when Brandon and Eliza were getting married, it seems fitting that we’re here, doesn’t it? Good Trouble fans, hit the comments with your thoughts!

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