‘He hasn’t seen it yet!’ John Lydon’s Sex Pistols series criticism dismissed by star

Anson Boon discusses John Lydon’s response to Sex Pistols series

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The six-episode series is based on guitarist Steve Jones’ 2017 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol. It is set to tell the story of the founding member of the Sex Pistols’ journey on becoming the punk legends they were. John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, recently spoke out again about the series being made and claimed the project was a secret. Anson Boon joined Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer to shut down the claims and expressed the rock star was asked multiple times.

Touching on the series and the claims that John had made, Tim asked: “John Lydon, Johnny Rotten, famously said it is rubbish.

“He said he wasn’t asked to be in it all or around it at all, says it is inaccurate?”

Anson laughed as he replied: “He hasn’t seen it yet!”

“That is so punk, though, isn’t it, I love that,” Tim continued. “I think it is the best PR ever. I half think they are in on it.”

Anson explained: “I can confirm they are definitely not in on it but listen, we love John, and I think the reason we all love John is because he is such a contrarian.

“That is what makes him a genius, you can’t compare him to anyone else, he is such a special artist.

“He does everything his own way in his own way, he is so unique, so of course, he has reacted like that.”

Tim asked: “Have you got to meet him,” to which Anson sadly revealed: “Unfortunately not.

“I had the most amazing time making the show and to work with Danny [Boyle] and to play an icon like this, the icing on the cake would have been to spend some time with him.

“We really wanted him to be involved we really reached out a lot of times, he chose not to be, which is absolutely his decision.

“But the script is based on Steve’s book, and he was a big part of Steve’s [Jones] life and has been for a long time, so I am just really glad I was asked to play this man.”

John Lydon was recently sued by drummer Paul Cook and Danny after refusing to grant the rights for the band’s music to be used in the upcoming series.

He recently revealed to The Sunday Times that the biopic was the “most disrespectful s**t” he had ever seen.

“I think that’s the most disrespectful s**t I’ve ever had to endure. I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me, but what’s the actor working on?

“Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court]. Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me — it isn’t going to happen.

“Not without a huge, enormous f***ing fight. I’m Johnny, you know, and when you interfere with my business, you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result.”

John also recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he claimed the project was done behind his back.

“They kept the whole operation a secret behind my back… and then slung a nasty little email to us on January 4 of this year saying they demanded my permission [to use the music].

“The obvious question for me is permission for what? And bam, there it is. A few days later, spread out all over the internet about what a lovely documentary this is going to be on punk, using pictures of me and my wife, Nora.

“They know she’s ill, this is not nice of them to do that. I didn’t actually deny permission, I merely asked a question.”

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