Holly Willoughby suffers back injury live on TV while filming This Morning

Holly Willoughby was left in pain during Tuesday's This Morning, after suffering an unexpected back injury in the middle of filming.

The presenter, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this year, revealed she pulled a muscle in her back while hosting the show from an outdoor sofa.

As the cameras moved indoors, Holly struggled to walk, with the ITV star suggesting she was almost "wheeled" back inside the studio.

Holly opened up about the injury in the closing minutes of the show, as she stood on the left-hand side of the Spin To Win wheel.

She said: "You might have noticed I’m on this side today. That’s because during the show I uncrossed my leg and I pulled my back because now I’m over 40, that’s the stuff that happens."

The presenter then gestured to her feet – Holly had started off the show in a pair of beige stilettos, but later she was forced to change into a pair of leather sandals.

She said: "Now I've got my flip flops on 'cause I can’t wear my heels."

Phillip Schofield then weighed in, revealing Holly struggled to move from the outdoor filming spot to the base studio.

He said: "So you can’t actually walk out to get the tombola. Not at speed anyway, it took a long time to get her back inside let me tell you."

Holly replied: "They nearly had to wheel me out! If it hadn't been for social distancing I’d have been on your back."

Later, as the presenters went on to host Spin To Win, Holly admitted the biggest drawback was the fact her back was too stiff to dance.

With her pulled muscle proving too painful, she was unable to practice her signature moves in tune with the Spin To Win jingle.

Holly sighed: "Oh, I just want to dance!"

Her longtime pal Phil taunted her, wiggling his hips in time with the music and saying: "I'm older than you, my back's okay!"

Holly then wondered whether her sore back was a sign of things to come in her 40s, as she asked: "Is this the beginning of it now?"

Thankfully, by the time the next segment rolled around, Holly was back in her stilettos, hinting the condition of her back had improved.

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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