Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn threatened, Kahu confession and Andrew DNA twist

The hunt for Andrew's family continues and Justin’s worry for the teenager intensifies when the police fail to turn up any link to his mother.

While Cash warns Justin off approaching dangerous cult Vita Nova, Theo keeps it a secret that he has posted on social media in an effort to track Andrew's mother down.

Later, Theo comes clean to Cash about his social media page.

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At the station, Cash warns that Vita Nova are likely aware of the page and in spite of Theo’s protests, they need to loop Justin in on the case.

Shortly after, a woman named Esther Lawrence arrives at the station claiming to be Andrew's mother.

Esther is elated to be reintroduced to Andrew, but the overwhelmed teen ends up storming off.

While Justin counsels a scared Andrew about reuniting with his mother, Leah lends a supportive ear to Esther over her long search for her missing son.

Justin talks Andrew into coming home and Esther joins the family for dinner, but things remain strained between the estranged mother and child.

The following morning however, Andrew has had a dramatic change of heart as he tells Justin he wants to go and live with his mum.

Leah and Justin bid Andrew an emotional farewell as he leaves Summer Bay with Esther.

Exhausted from working the Andrew case, Cash is pleased to be enjoying time alone with Eden.

But when Cash does return to work, he's shocked when he discovers the woman they sent Andrew home with is not his mother.

Elsewhere, Roo tells Marilyn a journalist wants to cover the story of her fight against Stunning Organics.

Despite the glowing article written about her, a troubled Marilyn confides in Alf and Roo that some of the comments on her brand ambassador page have been less than flattering.

Roo tries to cheer Marilyn up and suggests she stay off social media for a while, but a chilling voicemail warns Marilyn that she and her friends had better “watch their backs”.

Shaken after the threatening voicemail, Roo insists Marilyn go to the police and the pair keep the threat a secret from Alf.

When Rose calls her into the station later on, she tells a frightened Marilyn that the caller ID was tampered with, meaning the person making the threats has gone to great lengths to hide their identity.

Convinced it will keep him safe following the threat against her, Marilyn tries to convince Alf to leave Summer Bay earlier than expected.

Later when closing the diner, Marilyn feels as though someone is watching her.

Across the Bay, Tane is suspicious when Kahu fails to turn up at work.

Later, he's livid to find Kahu has cleared out all his belongings, and later receives a phone call alerting him to suspicious transactions on the company card – including a houseboat rental.

Tane tracks Kahu down to the houseboat he rented with the Gym’s credit card and confronts his cousin over his recent dishonesty.

Kahu confides in Tane that his mother borrowed money against her house to help him and he's so ashamed that he can’t bring himself to tell her the truth.

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