Love Island fans devastated as Catherine kisses Casa Amor bombshell

Love Island teaser: Catherine kissing the new boy

Love Island’s iconic Casa Amor kicked off on Sunday night and surprisingly it seems that Catherine Agbaje is likely to get her head turned after she is seen kissing Elom Ahlijah-Wilson in Monday night’s teaser clip.

After the drama was turned up due to Molly Marsh’s re-entry into the villa and Ella Thomas reigniting her relationship with an old flame, it was Catherine who stunned viewers.

In the teaser clip, Catherine and Elom are seen flirting when she asks: “So, you wanna kiss me?”

Elom laughed and admitted: “Of course I do…” before they both lean in for a passionate kiss with one another.

Fans were left stunned at Catherine’s actions after seeming to have a strong connection with Scott van der Sluis.

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Taking to their Twitter accounts, @NketiahsSister fumed: “I’m acc in disbelief, starting to have chest pains, good girl Catherine uno God Why????? #loveisland.”

@MihlaliMadikane commented: “I’ve been fighting for my life defending Scott and Catherine and now Catherine wants to mess it all up?? I need her to get her s**t together and leave Elom immediately!!#LoveIsland.”

@malle_tion expressed: “CATHERINE, I’M DISAPPOINTED IN YOU!! AFTER ALL SCOTT DID?? #LoveIsland.”

@daboyrs_ Scott said: “When he sees Catherine walk in with Elom.”

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@promiseboatengg penned: “When is the recoupling, please? Yoh!! I’m just hoping Catherine doesn’t pick Elom cuz that man is really pushing hard!”

@schiaparxlli stated: “Catherine… none of these men are better than Scott.”

@LoveRealityTV4 quipped: “Seeing Catherine and Elom leaning in for a kiss has ruined my day #LoveIsland.” (sic)

Sitting down for their chat of the night, Elom asked: “Speak to me about Scott, like, where are you actually? Where’s your head at with Scott?”

She admitted: “I feel like we’re in a good place, like, we get along…” to which Elom interrupted: “Do you see yourself fully closed off with him?”

Catherine surprisingly replied: “No, I’m not, like… We’ve both said we’re not fully closed off. We’re open to obviously getting to know other people and whatnot.”

The pair then ended their conversation excited to get to know one another and willing to share a bed with one another.

Love Island airs weeknights and Sunday from 9pm on ITV2.

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