How old is A Teacher star Nick Robinson and how tall is he?

A TEACHER star Nick Robinson plays a controversial character in the FX new series. 

The six-foot actor began his career in the TV sitcom Melissa & Joey and gained notoriety in other Hollywood films after that. 

Who is Nick Robinson?

Nick Robinson is an American actor who got his start as a child star in stage productions. 

He starred in A Christmas Carol and Mame in 2008 and eventually landed a TV role two years later. 

Robinson has been in movies like Jurassic World, The Kings of Summer, Everything, Everything and Love Simon. 

He recently landed a role playing a young high school student named Eric Walker in the FX series A Teacher. 

How old is he and how tall is he?

The 25-year-old actor is six-feet tall. 

While on Melissa & Joey, Nick grew nearly a foot in height and on the show there are consistent jokes about his character Ryder being a giant.

What is A Teacher?

A Teacher is a series that explores the story of a high school teacher having an affair with her male student and the consequences that arise from the illegal relationship. 

Kate Mara, who plays the teacher, Claire Wilson, told Entertainment Weekly that she was “fascinated” by the story of the illicit relationship.

“The thing that I was more fascinated about, why I wanted to tell the story, was for us to explore what happens to both the victim and the abuser after the headlines, and to really explore whether Claire is worthy of forgiveness," she told EW.

Nick Robinson, described the relationship as “wrong” and “dangerous” for both the teacher and the student and mentioned that it happens more often than not despite the repercussions.

He told EW: “There is a definite fascination with these kinds of relationships. The Mary Kay Letourneau story is probably the most famous, but these happen all the time. I don't know what the fascination is, it's sort of dangerous and taboo and wrong.”

Who is Nick Robinson dating?

While Nick keeps his private life fairly quiet, he hinted at having a girlfriend during an interview with InStyle magazine.

When asked by the interviewer to say his favorite joke, the actor explained it and mentioned that “his girlfriend” had told it to him first. 

He was also rumored to have dated 5th Wave co-star Chloe Grace Moretz, although it was never confirmed. 

What did people say about A Teacher?

A Teacher has been getting widespread criticism for its controversial nature due to the underage relationship.

The scenes have left viewers outraged, with one writing on Twitter: "Im sorry but this show is so sick how can you be out and about with your teacher like this?

"And your teacher is showing up at your house? Please if you don’t just leave a voicemail and go live your life."

Another added: "Omg I'm just done watching the first 3 episodes of #ATeacher and ewww. Imma need to binge watch a few gose episodes to forget how disgusting that was and be able to sleep now."

A third tweeted: "#ATeacher on @FXNetworks and @hulu shows exactly how a predator works!! Any adult who is interested in a minor romantically is sick!! Grooming is slow and deliberate!"

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