Internet Boyfriend Keanu Reeves Leaves Sweet Note on Fan’s Yard Sign: 'You're Breathtaking'

Keanu Reeves is maintaining his status as the internet’s favorite actor one sweet gesture at a time.

Reeves’ latest act was captured by Bill and Ted Face the Music writer Ed Solomon, who revealed that the two shared an excellent adventure recently on the way to set in Louisiana.

Solomon explained on Twitter that they were driving together when Reeves, 54, spotted a sign on someone’s lawn that read, “You’re breathtaking.”

The message was a reference to a viral moment from June in which Reeves said the words to the crowd at the E3 video game conference after a fan shouted the phrase at him from the audience.

Upon seeing the sign, Reeves stopped the car to have some fun with it, kneeling in the grass to write, “Stacey, You’re Breathtaking!” along with his signature.

“So yesterday this sign was out on a lawn on the way to set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did this,” Solomon wrote, sharing pictures of the moment on Twitter.

Eventually, a Twitter user revealed she was the woman behind the sign, and shared a photo with Reeves to prove it.

“Wow! Yesterday was a dream come true! We knew Keanu Reeves was filming up the street so my son said we need to make a sign that says ‘you’re breathtaking’ so we did! A few cars stopped but then a car stopped and there he was!! He actually stopped! Oh my heavens!” she wrote.

Reeves was later photographed on the Bill and Ted set with co-star Alex Winter wearing the same red shirt as he was in the fan’s photo and in Solomon’s photo.

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It’s been a summer full of love for Reeves, who’s appeared in recent months in films like John Wick 3, Toy Story 4 and Always Be My Maybe.

His habit of doing down-to-earth and kind tasks for his fans frequently goes viral, like in May, when a writer recounted the time the actor bought an ice cream cone just so he could sign the receipt for a 16-year-old fan.

He was also widely praised in June after fans noticed that he almost always keeps his hands off of women’s backs while posing in pictures with them.

Despite the love, Reeves didn’t even know, telling PEOPLE last month he was surprised the internet was so obsessed with him.

“That’s, uh, that’s wacky,” he said at the Toy Story 4 premiere. “Well, the positivity’s great.”

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