Kendall Jenner slammed by tequila company for 'copying' their brand & demand 818 'change its name for clear distinction'

KENDALL Jenner was slammed by a tequila company who accused the star of “copying” their brand and told The Sun they demand she changes 818's name.

Following fan outrage for “cultural appropriation” in ads of the Mexican liquor, the model’s new 818 Tequila is under fire once again – this time from a rival who pointing out glaring similarities. 

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Texas company Tequila 512 bashed Kendall, 25, on Instagram with a striking image that showed a message from a confused customer inquiring about the parallels. 

“Is that you or did someone copy you?” A buyer named Aaron asked 512 along with a side-by-side picture of the two bottles. 

Both Tequila 512 and Kendall’s 818 have similar large, bold black font that begins bigger at the top of the bottle and shrinks towards the bottom. 

Only a rectangular yellow backing is behind the branding to make words pop against the clear glass – which are in similarly shaped bottles. 

In the caption, 512 slammed 818 even further when pointing out the KUWTK star uses the SAME exact agave farm and distillery they use in Jalisco, México.

They wrote: “You may have seen that @kendalljenner released a “new” tequila today. 

“Note the similarities, including the color, the name and it is made at the same distillery in Tequila Mexico as ours. 

“Their batches are being distilled twice. Ours three times. Yet she is charging twice as much per bottle. 

“And here we are getting messages like the one in this post image. Doesn’t seem very cool. What do you think?”

According to reports, tequila is required to be double distilled at minimum but higher-quality brands, such as 512, complete the process a third time. 

Tequila 512 retails for roughly $30 a bottle depending on where it's purchased, while 818 will cost closer to $60 – if not more.

In a statement to The Sun, 512's CEO Nick Matzorkis questioned how it would be "plausible" for Kendall to research and visit other distilleries in the Jalisco region of Mexico to produce her tequila, but not come across a brand which has "been around for 8 years and unanimously won Best in Show at prestigious world spirits competitions.

However, the businessman added that they will NOT take legal action against the brand but demand she change the label's name.

Nick said: "Tequila 512 will not be taking legal action against Kendall Jenner or her tequila brand, nor are we looking for an apology.

"We are, however, calling on her to change the name of her tequila and/or change the labeling to create a clear distinction.

"Confusion began in the marketplace as soon as they launched, given that Tequila 512 had just begun distribution in California in recent weeks starting in the 166 store Bevmo chain where they too are distributed."

Followers of the account agreed with the “copying” claims, with one writing: “Uhm, major copyright infringement.”

“She was probably drunk when she came up with her “new” idea… I’m just surprised is wasnt 513,” another commented. 

A third quipped: “To be honest her label looks like a Dollar Tree knock off.”

The latest controversy comes after Kendall was slammed earlier this month following the release of her brand’s first commercial. 

Many people online fired off that her new advertisements were an example of “cultural appropriation.”

The fashion mogul dressed up in a pair of jeans with mud stains on them, a cropped white top, and an oversized stripped button-up left undone in ads for the new product.

She also wore a cowboy hat on her back, kept in place with ties around her neck, and styled her long, brown hair in two braids.

Throughout the ad photos and commercial, Kendall walked through fields, held a glass of her tequila while smiling, posed with a horse, and showed some of the workers in the fields.

One fan slammed her, writing: “Wtf is this commercial. Insulting and offensive @KendallJenner did you not learn from your Pepsi fiasco? 

“Having workers in the fields while you’re on your horse looking down on them as if you own them. Disgusting and tone deaf.”

Another wrote: “Am I the only Mexican that thinks @KendallJenner ‘s acting hella colonizer with her new @818Tequila ad? Very very cultural appropriated vibes with that."

On her Instagram, Kendall shared some of the tequila 818 snaps, as well as a short video of her hanging out on the fields.

She captioned it: “What an incredible experience i have had thus far, learning about this beautiful place, it’s beautiful culture, and the beautiful people!”

This comes after the Kardashian-Jenner was previously been slammed for getting into the tequila business – which she officially launched this week – to begin with.

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