Lorraine fans distracted over guests ankle breaker shoes on ITV show

Lorraine Kelly fans were unable to focus on the interview between the Scottish host and and Fay Ripley after they'd became distracted by the podcaster's bizarre shoe choice.

Baffled fans even demanded for Fay to "apologise to viewers" for wearing "silly" footwear on the show.

The 62-year-old host was also in agreement with the masses as she asked Fay about the bright green mules that featured an extreme platform.

Looking at Fay's feet, Lorraine quizzed: "Now today is fashion day as I'm sure you know. Can we just talk about your shoes?

In response, Fay said: "Ohh yes I know, I've got a theory now at my age draw the eye away from this. [she pointed to her face]


"And this," as she signal to her torso.

She added: "So I go for the extremes hats, glittery gloves and big shoes."

"Are they actually comfy? Can you walk," asked Lorraine.

Even the actress herself admitted they weren't the safest selection as she confessed to taking a nasty tumble before appearing on set.

She said: "I mean, I had a bit of a fall in them, that wasn't a good look on the bus."

"You know I have to walk slowly in them, a bit like a deep sea diver," joked Lisa.

During the discussion, eagle-eyed online users had already taken to Twitter after eye-balling the strange footwear, with one person writing: "What the heck is Fay Ripley wearing on her feet? #Lorraine."

Another tweet read: "#lorraine Easy ankle breakers."

"Has Fay Ripley got her feet stuck in two blocks of oasis? #Lorraine," quipped a third.

"Wow what are them shoes #fayripley #lorraine," added a fourth.

While a fifth person demanded: "@FayRipley please apologise for your silly shoes to the viewers of #Lorraine."

Although Fay's footwear seemed to dominate the discussion, the TV presenter had actually appeared on the daytime show to speak about her upcoming podcast.

The actress has joined forces with comedian David Baddiel and the pair are now reviewing odd consumer products on their very own podcast.

Baddiel and Ripley's Buy Leave It or Not – even reviewing the famous Goop Orgasm Candle by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

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