Love Island fans disgusted at Curtis’ gross habit as he offers more coffee

Curtis Pritchard was back to his coffee making ways on tonight’s Love Island. 

The barista of the villa, who taking his morning cup of hot Joe very seriously, once again was back by the kettle for his daily ritual. 

However, eagle-eyed viewers notice a gross habit they couldn’t un-see. 

As the 23-year-old offered to make everyone a coffee, his fellow Islanders seems unfazed by his gross habit, however viewers couldn’t unsee what happened. 

While asking if anyone fancied a cup of caffeinated joy, Curtis was seen enjoying a fumble in his underpants. 

Proudly standing there with his hand down his boxers, viewers at home were quickly grossed out by Curtis’ kitchen habit. 

One viewer wrote: “You really think I’d be accepting a coffee off Curtis after he’s just had his hands down his boxers?” 

“‘Who wants a coffee?’ At least take your d*** stained hands out your pants when you say that Curtis!”

A third put: “I don’t think anyone wants coffee from you when you’re scratching your b*** sack Curtis.” 

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm. 

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