Love Island’s girls are an embarrassment to women – Anna’s a hypocrite, Amber’s a brat and Amy is desperate, says Megan Barton-Hanson – The Sun

I CALLED it from the very beginning – when the girls were all on the terrace and Maura and Elma came in – from that moment I thought, ‘My God, I’m glad I’m not in this year’. 

Amber, Anna, Amy, Molly and Yewande stood up there in their castle cackling like a bunch of bitchy school girls, doing snide laughing and being really patronising. 

That was the first glimpse of this year’s Mean Girls pack.

I disliked them from that point and they’ve done little to change my mind.

This year, the girls have two ring leaders Amber and Amy and, for me, they are most bitchy of them all. 

It’s like Amy is Regina George and Amber is her Gretchen, trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen. Anna, of course, is in the crew too – she can be Karen.  

They are rude, hypocritical, bitchy and bratty and as a former Love Island woman, I’m embarrassed they’re now in our alumni. 

Firstly, I know Amy has been left heartbroken by Curtis’ indecisiveness but I feel, sadly, she had it coming. 

How she was with Lucie was horrible.

She’s made Curtis feel like s**t at a time when he’d done nothing wrong. 

She digs people out and holds a grudge and, above all, she doesn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion which is just rude.  

I did feel bad and my heart went out to her, but then she switched within seconds. 

In her first chat with Curtis she was listening to what he said and fair enough, she told him he’s not sleeping in her bed. 

But then, she went for back-up with her Mean Girls crew and in their second chat she was just vicious.

The nasty, snarling Amy came back which we’d seen before. 

I wanted to say ‘Hon, if he didn’t fancy you before, he’s certainly not going to fancy you now. This is NOT cute.’ 

I remember having days in the villa where I was really upset, like when Laura called me a s**g, no one spoke to me for a day, but not once did I get up in her face and get my veneers out like Amy. 

Amber, on the other hand, is a spoilt brat. She wants everything her own way and when she doesn’t get it she throws her toys out of the pram. 

It was such a low blow when she called Joanna a ‘dead ting’. How dare you.

Everyone finds beauty in different ways. No matter how hurt you are you don’t attack someone for their looks. It's immature and nasty.

She had that bratty attitude the day she walked in, she was all like ‘I get what I want’ and ‘Boys fall at my feet’ and now look at her.

Her cockiness has backfired. 

Men don’t like bitchiness and a bratty persona – it’s not attractive. Michael’s called them out on it and they don’t like it. 

Truth hurts, doesn’t it, ladies? 

And Anna? What a hypocrite! 

How dare she have a go at Michael? She’s done exactly the same to Jordan as he’s done to Amber. 

What makes me mad is they’re trying to be sassy, independent, empowered women but they’re going about it by being rude, bitchy and nasty people. 

Women can be independent, strong and know that they aren’t going to take s**t, but you don’t have to go on a power-trip about it saying ‘it’s my way or the highway.’ 

To be a feminist is to be equal with men. We don’t want to be better than them, or belittle them, but I feel like that’s what Amber and Anna have done to Michael. They did it Danny when he chose Arabella over Yewande as well. 

The abuse they’ve given Michael is disgusting. 

I feel sad that these women are showing girls watching at home that being bitchy and possessive is the way to get a bloke. 

To fall in love with anyone you have to be a bit vulnerable and there’s a fine line between being a strong woman, knowing your mind and being empowered to being manipulative and nasty, trying to be the boss of the relationship. 

The girls this year have acted like a load of piranhas at times. 

Look at how they tore Lucie apart for ‘not hanging out with them’. How pathetic. Lucie was just being herself, making friends. 

Yes she clearly likes the boys more than the girls, and I don’t blame her, they’re far more level headed. 

The boys aren’t looking at the experience through rose tinted glasses like some of the girls.

They know it’s a game, they know they’re on reality TV and above all, they’re being honest! 

They’ve remained calm and mature and when they’ve been pied they’ve taken it humbly and respectfully. 

And, we’ve got to give Lucie some credit here, she has too. 

Jordan was respectful and deserves some creditWhen she got pied by Tommy and she put herself out there and took a risk but handled it so well. 

She respected his decision and took it on the chin like Jordan did. 

If that was Amber or Anna getting pied it’d be a whole different story as we’ve seen in the last two episodes.

They'd make it about them.

If I went into the villa tonight I would just tell the girls to chill out, slow down and keep calm.

But most of all, if they really want to find love, they need to think about the true meaning of  sisterhood and give the boys a break.


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