Maci Bookout Asks Husband If He'd Get a Vasectomy — Here's How He Reacted

The “Teen Mom OG” star wants off birth control, but Taylor’s “not crazy” about the alternative.

"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout just asked her husband about getting the big snip snip.

On Monday’s new episode of the MTV reality show, Bookout looked into other forms of birth control as her Nexplanon implant neared its expiration date. But when she brought up the idea of a vasectomy to husband Taylor McKinney, he was not incredibly receptive.

One reason why Bookout did not want another implant was because she was curious how it was affecting her polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis. She wanted to go off birth control to be able "to learn how my body reacts and processes and deals with PCOS without" it.

Speaking with her gynecologist about options, she then asked about what men could do. Telling her the biggest obstacle with a vasectomy was getting her other half to agree to it, he added, "Men tend to think of that as a woman’s responsibility, to take the birth control."

"Trust me, I know, that’s why I was a teen mom," joked Maci.

She lightly approached the subject with Taylor when she got home, first explaining to him how the appointment went in broader terms.

"Because my birth control thing is expiring soon, so I was just going to talk about other birth control options," she told him. "Me thinking about not being on birth control at all, so I could see what my PCOS looks like. My PCOS has been acting up a whole lot more … it’s like a handful of times a month."

Explaining that she’d rather try to control her PCOS naturally by seeing how a new diet and lifestyles changes may have an impact on the disorder, she then asked if they could "maybe" talk about other options later.

Well, "later" came when the two were golfing together near the end of the episode.

"I would love to not be on birth control, but considering we make babies like nobody’s business, that’s not a realistic option. It’s either a vasectomy for you …" she began, before Taylor made a face. "Why are you dying?" she then asked.

"I’m scared that it’s a permanent decision," he told her, before she explained that the operation can be reversed and they could at least go talk to a doctor about it for more information. When asked what he thought again, he said, "Not 100% sure."

"I am 100% saying I do not want more biological children," she then said. "Unless you want more children? Oh god, I shouldn’t have asked."

McKinney explained that he didn’t want one right now, but also wasn’t ready to rule out the idea of having another kid together down the line.

"If we froze your sperm, would you still consider getting a vasectomy?" Bookout then asked. "If you and I decided down the road we wanted more children out of nowhere, we could do that and I could still be off birth control."

"I’m not crazy about the idea of a vasectomy," he reiterated. "I feel a little bit overwhelmed. I feel in this moment I’m not ready to make that decision."

That’s where the conversation ended, without a true resolution.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.

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