Made In Abyss Season 2 release date: Bondrewd Dawn of the Deep Soul movie sequel confirmed for 2020 – Made In Abyss compared to the anime [Spoilers]

Made In Abyss Season 2 will need to wait a while longer now that a new sequel film called Made in Abyss the Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul (Gekijoban Made in Abyss: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei) is coming out in January 2020.

What’s more, Sentai FilmWorks released to streaming platforms a Made In Abyss English dub. There’s also going to be a Made In Abyss movie and a new OVA episode released in the future.

When the Made In Abyss sequel was initially announced in November 2018, manga creator Akihito Tsukushi tweeted out, “Thank you to the Abyss narrator and everyone on the cast and staff. Cheers for the good work! So, what’s that? Are you coming for the official announcement at seven o’clock? Alarm calling!”

The announcement surprised the voice actors of Reg, Riko, and Nanachi (Mariya Ise, Miyu Tomita, and Isawa Shiori) so much that they began crying.

“I really love Made In Abyss so much, and I want to see a sequel!” said Mariya, the voice of Reg in the Japanese language anime.

Two recap compilation films were created by studio Kinema Citrus based on the first season and they started screening in early 2019. The third Made In Abyss movie was confirmed to be a direct sequel and movie teaser posters were handed out to people in theaters screening the Journey’s Dawn film.

Oddly enough, Tsukushi apparently couldn’t make it to the 2019 Journey’s Dawn screenings to watch his creation on the big screen.

“My parents went to the theater instead of me who couldn’t go to the prequel. Wow,” he tweeted.

Once the Made In Abyss movie sequel was officially announced, he wrote, “Thanks to all of you. This is just a story, but it is amazing.”

Made In Abyss music composer Kevin Penkin (who is also doing the music for the 2019 The Rising Of The Shield Hero anime) also chimed in, saying, “Be ready. Be so, so f**king ready. Not planning to pull many punches at all.”

The Made In Abyss: Dawn Of The Deep Soul release date is scheduled for January 17, 2020. The worldwide premiere date for the United States and other nations has not yet been announced.

The winner of Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year for 2017 was based on the Made In Abyss manga series by mangaka Tsukushi. The manga has been serialized online in Web Comic Gamma since 2012 on a quasi-monthly basis. When the first season ended in 2017, the manga had been collected in tankobon hardcover format up through Volume 6.

Made In Abyss Volume 8 was released in Japan on May 30, 2019. Made In Abyss Volume 9, which will contain chapters past Chapter 51, has yet to be announced.

Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the Made In Abyss English translation of the manga series. Only six volumes have been released as of the beginning of 2019, with Volume 6 having released on June 4, 2019.

The English release date for Volume 7 has not been announced yet, but based on the quick publishing rate thus far it’s reasonable to predict that it’ll be coming out in late 2019. In addition, ever since the anime become popular, fan translation projects have been quickly translating the Japanese panels into English.

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Made In Abyss English dub released for first season and recap movies

Sentai Filmworks has licensed the rights for the Made In Abyss English dub. Main characters Reg and Riko were played by Luci Christian and Brittany Lauda, respectively.

At Anime Expo 2018, the rest of the cast and a video trailer were released.

  • Brittney Karbowski as Nanachi
  • Monica Rial as Mitty
  • Shannon Emerick as Nat
  • Terri Doty as Shiggy
  • Daniel Regojo as Jiruo
  • Kalin Coats as Kiyui
  • John Swasey as Habolg
  • Christine Auten as Ozen
  • Kelley Peters as Marulk
  • Shelley Calene-Black as Lyza
  • David Harbold as Bondrewd

The English Made In Abyss Blu-Ray disc set was released in both premium and complete box sets on October 23, 2018. The premium edition included extras like a soft-cover booklet, 11×17 tapestry map, acrylic Nanachi phone stand, lanyard, and white whistle charm.

The complete collection still includes an interview with music composer Kevin Penkin as well as the music itself. The complete Blu-Ray costs $45.99, while the premium box set costs $129.99.

The Made In Abyss English sub is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video (it used to be locked behind the paywall for the now-defunct Amazon Anime Strike). The Made In Abyss English dub is streaming exclusively on HIDIVE as of late 2018.

Made In Abyss movie compilation announced alongside OVA episode

The Made In Abyss movie collection coming out during the winter 2018 anime season will actually be a recap of the events from the first season. The first film is called Made in Abyss Movie 1: Tabidachi no Yoake (Journey’s Dawn) and the second movie is called Made in Abyss Movie 2: Hourousuru Tasogare (Wandering Twilight).

Journey’s Dawn premiered in the United States on March 15, 2019. A red-carpet event hosted by Regal Cinema in Los Angeles was attended by director Masayuki Kojima, composer Kevin Penkin, music producer Hiromitsu Iijima, and producer Shinpei Yamashita.

The second film included an additional scene that was not part of the first season which will ease the transition into the new Dawn of the Deep Soul movie. Voice actress Inori Minase has been cast as Prushka, a character who is important to Bondrewd (see the spoilers section for more details).

Otherwise, it’s unknown whether any of the animations or sequences will be changed significantly for the two films, but it is known that new content will be included separately from the movie compilation.

Back in March 2018, it was announced via the official Twitter page that the production for a Made In Abyss OVA episode was already in progress. It’s uncertain what the story will be about since there are no major time gaps in the manga’s story, but it is possible that the “new episode” will feature a story from manga chapters that were skimmed over in the anime adaptation.

It’s also possible that the OVA episode will be an original story. In an interview with Manga Tokyo, producer Shinpei Yamashita discussed how his favorite character was Maruruk, apprentice to white whistle Ouzen the Immovable. The producer desires to create a Made In Abyss OVA episode entitled “A Day In The Life Of Maruruk.”

Made In Abyss manga compared to the anime

The way that anime studio Kinema Citrus treated the story of the Made In Abyss manga series went way beyond most anime adaptations. The artwork and animation were amazing and the soundtrack inspired emotion in audiences.

Anime will often condense the stories of manga and light novels to the point that meaning is lost and characterization is changed. Kinema Citrus made certain this did not happen by producing a double-length Made In Abyss Episode 13 that capped off the first season by finding the perfect stopping point before the next major story arc.

However, some concessions did have to be made in order to compact the beginning of the manga’s story into a single-cour season. Most of the manga chapters were fully adapted except for parts of chapters 1, 2, 6, 7, 18, and 23.

As previously mentioned, the skipped content could be the focus of the upcoming OVA episode, although the new episode could also be an original story.

The finale for the first season comes from the first half of Made In Abyss manga chapter 26 of Volume 4. The ending teased Bondrewd as being the main villain of the new Made In Abyss movie, although the Idofront story arc comprises only some of the available books. The beginning of Made In Abyss Season 2 will likely adapt the current manga story arc which still hasn’t finished.

Up through Volume 4, the books provided eight chapters each, but Volumes 5 and 6 only had six chapters each. Volume 7 ended with Chapter 48 and by the end of 2018 the manga was past Chapter 50.

It’s possible that Made In Abyss Season 2 could be the final season of the anime series depending on how the manga ends. The Ilblu story arc is reaching a close and thus the story arc for the sixth layer is almost finished. Assuming that the seventh layer and the secret origins of Reg are revealed as part of the manga’s ending, the final manga chapter could be released before the year 2024.

Considering that some manga content was skipped, it’s recommended that readers who’ve already watched the anime should start from the beginning. Unfortunately, English-only readers will have to wait until 2019 until the official manga catches up with the anime.

Made In Abyss Season 2 release date: Even a 2021 premiere depends on the manga creator

As of the last update, Kinema Citrus, Sentai FilmWorks, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Made In Abyss Season 2 release date. Nor has the production of a non-movie sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Made In Abyss Season 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

Anime take years to develop and projects are scheduled years in advance. Kinema Citrus has a history of only releasing a handful of anime per year and The Rising of the Shield Hero (see our article on The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2) was their focus for the winter 2019 anime season.

The recap/compilation Made In Abyss movies released in early 2019. The Made in Abyss the Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul movie is scheduled to premiere in Japan on January 17, 2020.

Since the movie sequel releases in 2020, the Made In Abyss Season 2 release date could be scheduled as early as late 2020 but it’s more likely to be 2021 or later. The biggest obstacle is the relative lack of source material.

Author Akihito Tsukushi often releases new chapters online “when it’s done” rather than stick to a strict monthly release schedule. The creator has averaged about eight chapters a year, but in 2019 that average is closer to five chapters.

Considering that “Episode 14” (the second half of the double-length Episode 13) ended with Chapter 26, the pacing has been less than two chapters for every episode. The Bondrewd/Idofront story arc covered by the Dawn of the Deep Soul movie ends with Chapter 38.

Technically, as of July 2019, there were 59 chapters including sub-chapters (42.1, 42.2, 46.1, 46.2, etc), but 21 chapters is not quite enough content for producing a second season. The manga’s story has also not reached a good stopping point for Made In Abyss Season 2.

It’s possible that the manga creator will provide a good stopping point for the anime adaptation by 2020, which would also mean that Kinema Citrus will likely produce a more standard length, single-cour season with 12 episodes.

Made In Abyss Movie spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

Is your body ready for the rumble of scientific progress? The last time audiences watched Riko and Reg on TV screens they had just departed from Nanachi’s home. Made in Abyss the Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul will open with the three making their way down to the Garden of the Flowers of Resilience in the fourth layer. There, they spy a black whistle named the Praying Hand, one of Bondrewd’s delver followers in a group called the Umbra Hand.

Praying Hand has been spying on them, but surprisingly he is helpful and gives them the Everlasting Hammer. He also warns them that a dangerous insect native to the sixth layer will attack the orifices of any living thing, planting their larvae inside a host’s eye sockets and mouth. The Umbra Hand also tells them that the Lord Of Dawn, Bondrewd, is waiting for their arrival.

The further one travels the less human they become and the fifth layer, the Sea of Corpses, is the last point where humanity can be retained.  The curse is so strong that even walking up stairs deprives a person of their senses and causes them to hurt themselves. However, non-humans are not affected by the curse of the fifth layer.

Bondrewd is called Lord of Dawn because he brought a dawn to the Delvers’ traditions and pride by trampling all over them with his brutal methods and artifact-based weapons. Despite having a bounty on his head from surface nations, he established a forward base called Idofront on the ruins of a ritual site that’s surrounded by a whirlpool of water.

Bondrewed and his followers have done horrifying human experiments using the elevator to the sixth layer, the Capital Of The Unreturned. But his experimentation has allowed him to do what no other human can do: return from the sixth layer.

Warning: The following two paragraphs contain major spoilers concerning Bondrewd.

The legendary Delver is no longer human, capable of transferring his head to a new host body. An ancient relic called the Zoaholic soul-slave machine allows him to spread his consciousness over multiple bodies.

The Praying Hands are basically multiple Bondrewds so killing Bondrewd completely is a very difficult task. Worse, he can even avoid the Abyss’ curses by using so-called cartridges, devices that contain the soul remnants of butchered humans. Bondrewd is truly a monster of the Abyss.

So, Riko, Reg, and Nanachi are shocked when they discover that Bondrewd has an adopted daughter named Prushka, whose name means Flower of Dawn. Teenage Prushka has never been to the surface and considers Bondrewd the “best dad ever.”

She’s not kidding, either, because Bondrewd nursed her back to health when the curse of the fourth layer caused her to have an unstable mind. Bondrewd also gifted Prushka with a furry pet named Meinya. Still, like any child, Prushka is slightly rebellious and enjoys adventuring behind her father’s back.

Nanachi guesses that the pattern on Reg’s helmet is similar to that of other relics. It might signify how much energy he has left in his body.

She warns him to not use the incinerator too many times since she guesses that will sap all of his energy away forever. But Reg believes that the only way to completely destroy Bondrewd is to use the incinerator repeatedly. Needless to say, the animated fight between Bondrewd and Reg will be truly epic in scale.

Made In Abyss Season 2 anime spoilers

Reaching the bottom of the Abyss will take at least one more season, requiring even Made In Abyss Season 3 to reach the ending. But will fans like what they see staring back at them from the darkness?

“To the challengers who shall devote themselves to the Abyss, which even darkness itself cannot reach, the Abyss shall give you all. Life, death, curses and blessings. The entirety of it all. At the end of your journey, what shall be the closure that you obtain?”

For those who don’t recall, the Abyss is about double the depth of the real-life Mariana Trench. Their goal is to journey all the way down to the deepest known point, the seventh layer called The Final Maelstrom, where it’s believed Reg might have emerged from in the past.

It’s also possible that the Abyss goes down even further to an eight and ninth layer. White Whistles who venture all the way down must give up any hope of returning to the surface and Riko has accepted this fate.

She just desires to find her mother, discover why the curse of the Abyss exists, and learn the secrets of the Narehate and the relics. In order to reach this goal, Riko wants to become a White Whistle since it’s necessary to descend to the sixth layer, but there is a horrifying truth behind the power of these whistles.

The Bondrewd story arc ends with Chapter 38, so Made In Abyss Season 2 will feature the Capital Of The Unreturned in the sixth layer. Riko, Reg, and Nanachi attempt to send a letter balloon capsule to the surface. They’ve scarcely entered the point of no return when Riko has her new White Whistle stolen and a threatening drawing is left for them to see.

In searching for their mysterious thief, they stumble upon the Narehate Village of Ilblu, which was created by ancient beings called the Three Sages. The Narehate are humans that the curse of the Abyss turned into creatures.

They learn that the bodies of Narehate changed after they chose to challenge the Abyss but gave up on reaching their destination, surrendered their life, and chose to remain in the village. In return for giving up on escape from the Abyss, they receive a physical form in which they can achieve their internal desires.

Despite being misshapenly mutated beyond any human recognition, the first Narehate they meet is capable of human speech although the Narehate also can speak their own tongue. It turns out the Narehate didn’t steal Riko’s White Whistle; they just wanted to shape it into its final form.

The second surprise is that the force field which causes the curse of the Abyss does not exist in the Narehate village. Therefore, Riko is able to climb stairs with no ill effect.

The Narehate maintain a market where artifacts, and even a page from Riko’s mother’s letter, are bartered based on value rather than a currency. Value can take many forms and is derived from signals based on the soul.

A thing with the highest value to a person is called a “Haku.” Sentimental objects can hold value, but so can the act of tearing the bodies of others.

Even bits of a human body is considered to have value, although they are informed that stealing value is the greatest sin among the Narehate. And Riko’s group is given a very graphic illustration of just how seriously the Narehate take this issue when someone breaks the rules. However, the protection of value only holds true within the village.

Having found an “inn” of sorts, the adventurers are surprised by a loud noise. Suddenly there’s a rushing crowd of Narehate hoping to see a person called Faputa, who rarely appears in the village. Known as the Princess of the Narehate, it’s said that Faputa is the embodiment of value that can go anywhere within the sixth layer.

The six-limbed princess is very hyper, wild, and has difficulty communicating with humans. But it’s very apparent that she remembers Reg, the so-called Treasure of the Deep.

However, the robot boy does not remember meeting Faputa in his past since he lost his memories during the ascent. But this encounter causes both Reg and audiences to learn more about Reg’s past and what he really is in this world.

Unfortunately, anime audiences will have to wait to watch the full reveal of the secrets of the Narehate village. Let’s just hope the Made In Abyss Season 2 release date is scheduled for late 2020, not 2021. Stay tuned!

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