Marco Pierre White branded a ‘hypocrite’ for blasting Jamie Oliver over chain collapse when TEN of his businesses have gone bust – The Sun

CELEBRITY chef Marco Pierre White has seen a string of pubs and restaurants go bust — just like rival Jamie Oliver.

The Hell’s Kitchen star roasted Jamie over his failing empire but failed to mention his own woes.

Marco, 57, slammed him as “delusional” after Jamie, 44. blamed Brexit for the collapse of his Italian chain.

But an investigation by The Sun found Marco has also had a number of business ventures go to the wall, costing him millions.


According to documents at Companies House, at least ten have gone under in the past few years owing more than £7million.

A source said: “It is hypocritical of Marco to troll Jamie Oliver, when a string of his own pubs, restaurants and businesses have gone bust in recent years.

“The two chefs hate each other and Marco has happily put the boot in when Oliver is already down.”

Marco’s Prunier Restaurant collapsed two years ago owing creditors £2.5million.

MPW Parisienne Restaurants went bust in 2016 owing £900,000. A year later management consultancy firm Mouseback Consultants Ltd failed.

Minotaur Inns, which ran four pubs in Norfolk, collapsed having paid back just £4.2million of a £7.4million bank loan.

And Marco’s Frogmill Inn restaurant shut down in 2016, owing creditors £453,000

Other firms have also been put in liquidation or administration owing additional amounts.

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